Rocky landscapes, woodland areas, and waterways—these are just a few of the resources the earth provides. Though we don’t create them, we recreate them into products that enrich our lives.

Why study natural resources at Sewanee?

Studying natural resources and the environment at Sewanee means you’ll get a degree that integrates coursework in both forestry and geology. You’ll study renewable and non-renewable resources, viewing them through both a managerial and a restorative lens. With biodiversity as your backdrop, you’ll explore some of the most precious resources our earth has to offer.

You will develop a spectrum of knowledge as a natural resources major. From religious critiques on consumerism to the sedimentary geology of the Cumberland Plateau, no consideration will be left undiscussed. The research potential on the Mountain is as eclectic as the integrated nature of the coursework surrounding it.

First Destinations: Natural Resources majors

Sewanee graduates secure positions in a variety of fields. Some you would expect, others are a bit of a surprise. Sewanee prepares you for your profession and your passion. Below is a sampling of recent graduates' first jobs.

  • Scientist, Olsson Associates, Loveland, Colorado.
  • Hemlock Woolly Adelgid Strike Team Manager, Tennessee Forestry Division, Chattanooga, Tennessee.
  • Natural Resources Technician, Maryland Department of Natural Resources, Snowhill, Maryland.
  • Chemist, Clean Harbors, Chattanooga, Tennessee.
  • Firefighter, Wildland Restoration International, Duxbury, Massachusetts.

Sewanee graduates enjoy extraordinary acceptance rates to top graduate and pre-professional programs–about 95 percent to law school and over 85 percent to medical school. Below is a sampling of where Sewanee grads continue their education.

  • Master's in landscape architecture, Clemson University.
  • Master's in forestry, Mississippi State University.
  • Master's in engineering geology, Newcastle University.

A Sampling of Courses

Natural Resources & the Environment

Programs of Study & Related Programs

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Meet some professors


Sarah C. Sherwood
Associate Professor and University Archaeologist

Snowden Hall 220, Ext. 3396

C. Ken Smith
Professor and Assistant Dean of the Environment

Cleveland Annex 101A, Snowden Hall 209, Ext. 3219

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