Infrastructure is vital to a functioning society. Who designs and builds these structures? Who makes sure their operation is sustainable and safe? Engineers are the masterminds behind the blueprints.

Why Engineering at Sewanee?

Engineers put to practical use the discoveries of science and, by so doing, alter our way of life. Because of the narrow scope of many engineering programs, several leading engineering schools cooperate with selected liberal arts colleges to combine the professional training found in the usual four-year engineering curriculum with the breadth of education provided at liberal arts colleges. Such a program requires five years—three years in the liberal arts college and two years in the engineering school.

Sewanee’s challenging pre-engineering curriculum will provide you with a solid foundation in math and science, and it will also prepare you for graduate work. This program will give you the background, technical skills, social awareness, and discerning judgment necessary for advanced study in any engineering concentration.

Courses you'll take as a 3-2 student


Randolph Peterson
Professor of Physics

Woods Lab 223, Ext. 1550

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