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At Sewanee, we believe the best preparation for a career in business is a broad-based liberal arts education. Many of today’s leaders in commerce attribute their success to the critical thinking, writing instruction, speaking skills, and study of the humanities they received during a college education grounded in the liberal arts tradition.

The Babson Center for Global Commerce is a campus resource dedicated to the business challenges for our time, encouraging rigorous scholarship and applied practices. The Center is committed to inquiry, networking, and experiential learning and explores how individuals can lead into a world of business and how business and society can live together for balanced growth and development. 

Engaging students in co-curricular programs enables them to enter society as principled citizens able to succeed and lead in a global economy. The Center offers a range of opportunities inside and outside the classroom to work with faculty, students, and business leaders to understand and explore contemporary business issues. Join our community of thinkers and doers. 

Business-Related Opportunities

Carey Fellows business honors program

For students with career goals in management, global business, consulting, and finance, the designation as a Carey Fellow brings with it a mark of distinction and recognition coming from the completion of additional requirements designed to prepare these select students for leadership positions in global commerce.

Visiting Speakers Series

Our ongoing programs, the Graham Executives-in-Residence, Humphreys Entrepreneur-in-Residence, and Bryan Viewpoints Speaker Series give Sewanee students regular opportunities to hear directly from global business leaders whose experience, knowledge, and skills have carried them to the top of their fields.

Learning Beyond the Classroom

A key component of the Pre-Business Program is that it supports Sewanee students aiming for careers in business. It supports business organizations and offers conference scholarships, skills training, and co-curricular and experiential learning opportunities.

Dynamics of Asian Business

Explore the world of business across the globe. This 2-part course examines business trends and business structures in Asian emerging markets in a classroom setting during the Spring semester and then a 3-week, faculty-led, study away program from May into June. 

Business Studies Scholarships

The unique programs introduce students to the concepts of management, team building, strategy, marketing, organizational development, and finance. Beecken Scholarships and Sewanee-Vanderbilt Accelerator Scholarships provide select students with substantial funding to attend summer programs at elite business schools.


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