Sewanee's core liberal arts curriculum means you’ll dig deep to get a fuller understanding of the world and your place in it.

Life-long Learners

Our Approach

The Sewanee Curriculum

It’s an education that will prepare you for life, with the critical thinking, creative synthesis, refined judgment, and leadership skills you’ll apply every day in your career.

The Honor Code

The Honor Code Is one of Sewanee's most cherished traditions. Each of us is proud to pledge not to lie, cheat, or steal. This spirit defines our character, influences our decisions, and covers everything from coursework to conduct. It’s part of what sets us apart from other schools, and sets Sewanee graduates apart from their peers.

Global Citizenship

Sewanee is dedicated to promoting activities that link our students with the rest of the world. As part of that effort, the Office of Global Citizenship strives to provide students with a set of skills that they can use to address global problems, both at home and abroad.

Academic Opportunities

Pre-Professional Programs

Sewanee's academic approach is not simply a liberal arts buffet of courses. Students here have an opportunity to dive deeply into the professional world through pre-professional tracks in health, business, education, engineering, and law.

Undergraduate Research

Sewanee is a recognized leader in undergraduate research, scholarship, and creative work across all academic programs. Faculty members integrate original research and scholarship into the classroom and encourage their students to join them. In the process, students enhance their knowledge, hone their skills, and improve their postgraduate prospects.

Environmental Studies

Sewanee's Integrated Program in the Environment (SIPE) has over 30 faculty and staff that are engaged with students on a variety of research and applied field projects. We have direct access to a working farm and forest of 13,000 acres, well-funded internships, and alumni involved with management and conservation issues across the globe. Come join us for a truly unique experience in environmental study and the liberal arts.

The Domain

At Sewanee, you’ll find 13,000 acres of opportunity at your fingertips. You will have the chance to observe, grow, preserve, measure, manage, and restore the many natural resources of this living laboratory we call the Domain. Your woodland classroom awaits.

Finding Your Place

Finding Your Place is a first-year program that introduces first year students to campus, course work, professors, and classmates. Its place-based approach synthesizes knowledge and experiences across many disciplines and prepares students for an engaged life in and beyond Sewanee.

Summer in Sewanee

There's nothing like summer in Sewanee. While most of the University’s students leave campus for a well-deserved break during the warm months, visitors of all ages come to the Mountain to relax, to explore our 13,000 acres of trails, lakes, and forests, and to take advantage of the many opportunities offered from late May to mid-August.

Academic Resources

The Writing Center

The ability to write is one of the most important skills you’ll use in college, in your career and in your life. And at Sewanee, you’ll become a writer and the Writing Center is here to help. Our student tutors represent a wide range of majors, and they help at any stage of the writing process, including topic development, rough drafts, final drafts, and revisions.

Center for Speaking & Listening

With a staff of trained peer tutors and state-of-the-art equipment, the Center for Speaking & Listening offers assistance to members of the Sewanee community who seek help as they investigate, develop, refine, and practice oral presentations–speeches, addresses, arguments, debates, and dialogues–and as they seek to understand, through listening, those spoken discourses. 

E.L. Kellerman Language Resource Center

The mission of the E.L. Kellerman Language Resource Center is to provide technical support to students and faculty in modern foreign languages and to provide a venue to hear and speak the target language.

Student Success

Every learner finds their own way and might need different types of learning environments or support to manage the rigors and expectations of the classroom. Sewanee offers a range of academic resources to help students succeed. Our strongest academic performers routinely use the resources available to them.

Request a Syllabus

A syllabus is the professor’s outline of topics, readings, and assignments covered during a course. Students and alumni may need a syllabus when seeking admission to graduate or professional schools or transferring to another institution.