Sewanee's Integrated Program in the Environment is one of the premier collections of environmental offerings in the country.

Sewanee's Integrated Program in the Environment (SIPE) has over 30 faculty and staff that are engaged with students on a variety of research and applied field projects. We have direct access to a working farm and forest of 13,000 acres, well-funded internships, and alumni involved with management and conservation issues across the globe. Come join us for a truly unique experience in environmental study and the liberal arts.

SIPE programs & resources

Programs of Study

Sewanee's expansive environmental curriculum offers students multiple pathways for appreciating the ecological complexity and wonder of the earth we inhabit. Students are exposed to key fields of study and develop a cross-disciplinary understanding of society, economics, and the environment. SIPE graduates are able to address the multi-faceted environmental challenges of today (and tomorrow).

Environmental Study Away

13,000 acres isn't always enough. Sewanee students are encouraged to complement their experiences on the Domain with environmental study in other regions of the United States or the world.

Stewardship & Sustainability

The Office of Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability offers students a myriad of opportunities to engage with the outdoors. Whether your passions are natural resources management, food production, animal care, field research, or sustainability, there's a place for you to get your hands dirty on the Domain!


SIPE includes a variety of offices, programs, and laboratories across campus that focus on sustainability, management, recreation, pre-historic land use, spatial analysis, biodiversity, and faith-based environmental initiatives.