Our Vision:
Empowered Human Communities. Resilient Natural Communities. 

Our Mission:
To provide natural resource experiences and societal experiences that foster understanding of our place in the world.


Carbon Neutral by 2030: A New Plan

Our commitment

The University of the South recognizes the importance of the planet and its resources. The Office of Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability (OESS) serves the University community by shepherding awareness of stewardship and sustainability, as well as catalyzing action throughout the campus, the Domain, and the region.

Our Team

The OESS welcomes visitors looking for ways to get involved in or searching for information on the University’s sustainability initiatives. If you are on campus, come visit. We are located in Cleveland Annex 004. You can find the office in the corner of the main quad farthest from the main entrance of All Saints' Chapel.

The Domain

The term “Domain” is used interchangeably to describe both the entire 13,000 acres and the 11,800 acres of natural land. What makes the landscape of the Domain such a unique educational asset for the study of the environment is the continuum that exists via ‌the human-built environment extending into the natural environment.

The University Farm

The University Farm supplies McClurg Dining Hall, Stirling’s Coffee House, and the Cup & Gown Cafe with over one ton of product annually, including fresh eggs, salad greens, and other produce. Want to get your hands dirty? Labs, research, independent study, and social events are just a few ways to get involved on the farm.

Headwaters Initiative

The Sewanee Headwaters Initiative (SHI) serves to improve our ecological understanding of headwater systems and to promote purpose-driven management and stewardship that benefit present and future communities.‌‌


Students can get involved in many sustainably-minded groups and activities around campus. They can also pursue leadership roles. Sustain Leaders are students who are committed to taking climate action through independent projects. Environmental Residents are committed to living lightly on the earth and to serve as mentors to others seeking to add sustainable practices to their lifestyles. Both types of student leader participate in personal and professional development throughout the school year. 


Sewanee's Integrated Program in the Environment is one of the premier collections of environmental offerings in the country. An expansive curriculum—including natural and social sciences as well as the humanities and fine arts—offers students multiple pathways for gaining an understanding of the ecological complexity and a wonder for the earth we inhabit. A working farm, a 13,000-acre forest, and well-funded internships offer many opportunities to apply your classroom learning.