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Sustain Sewanee aspires to create an inclusive atmosphere of collaborative and sustainable action,                   empower the Sewanee community, and build an equitable future together. 

Hello and Welcome. Sustain Sewanee serves as a hub for student and community engagement around climate action and environmental justice. Additionally, this is where you can find data, updates, and information about the University's commitments, actions, and progress toward Net Carbon Neutrality via a wide variety of programs, projects, and initiatives. Finally, Sustain Sewanee aggregates news and other resources useful to understanding and pursuing "sustainability" at home, at work, in our region, and throughout the globe. 


The University actively manages over 1.5 million square feet of building space. From 2014-2018 Sewanee decreased kW hour consumption by 7% even as a 7.7% increase in square footage was added. Additionally, 747,000 kW hours of renewable energy are purchased annually from TVA's Green Power Switch. A little over half Sewanee's energy comes from renewable or nuclear sources. 


In the first year of closely tracking water usage data (2016-2017), the University decreased water usage per campus user by 6.3% and water usage per square foot of floor space by 9.8%. Additionally, a state-of-the-art frictionless central water chiller system provides cooling to a vast array of central campus buildings. This central chiller requires half the energy as would be needed for individual building units. 

Waste Streams

A priority on campus has long been on reducing and imaginatively re-using waste prior to disposal. As a rural college, few technologies are available in our region to support widespread waste diversion efforts. Sewanee works hard to enculture behavioral changes, recycling and composting habits, and pre-consumption awareness. 


Being a residential college provides much in the way of climate-saving reductions in emissions due to car travel. The Sewanee campus is relatively centralized, enabling students and residents to walk or bike with relative ease. 


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A variety of helpful resources, links, and articles to support you on your journey to understand climate change and the ways in which we all can contribute to living and working in a more balanced way on the earth. 

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