The Work Aint Sexy

But it is vitally important

Sustain Work Study and Fellow students are the glue that binds. They bind the past through the present to the future. They bind the seemingly disparate programs and projects into a cohesive whole through their reporting, data collection and analysis, and outreach. 


There is a lot of really incredible stuff happening on campus, on the wider domain, in the region, and in the world. These folk do the foot work of finding the organizers, attending the events, interviewing the stakeholders, photographing for "evidence," and then reporting back to you what they've found or what they are (and you should be) looking forward to. 


Being able to report how many kW of energy, how many reams of copy paper, how many pounds of chicken the University consumes each year in order to accurately measure and track Sewanee's progress toward a Net Carbon Neutral Campus by 2030 takes a lot of people a lot of time. The work isn't sexy, as we've said, but without it we're all "talk" and no "walk."