The Green Fund

The Sewanee Green Fund supports a grant program available to the entire University, emphasizing Sewanee’s commitment to promoting sustainability on campus and within the community. Its focus is to motivate Sewanee’s students, faculty, and staff to pursue environmentally related projects that make a lasting impact.

These projects should provide the applicants with hands-on experience through the development and completion of their project.

Projects that are funded through the Green Fund emphasize Sewanee’s belief in education and the commitment to maintaining its status as a national leader in sustainability in higher education.

Students that are a part of the committee will strengthen their leadership skills by cooperating to make insightful decisions, delegating, and upholding their responsibilities as described.

Socially Conscious Investment (SoCo)

The Socially Conscious Investment Club (SoCo), is an organization of students united under the desire to make The University of the South environmentally and socially responsible in their investments. We are taking action to get the University Board of Regents to withdraw investments from companies who engage in socially irresponsible practices and consider alternative investments that reflect the University's core values.

Water Campaign (SWC)

We are a group of students committed to the sustainable use of water resources at the University of the South and in the surrounding community in order to ensure the ongoing and sustainable use of water in terms of agriculture, day-to-day living, and conservation for wildlife.