Why does place matter? Places speak to us through our senses and their sense of community, through their stories and their history, through the environment and the culture—but the truth is, it takes time and attention to make a place your own. This program is a great way to get started.

FYP Facts

Walking in Place

Geology Professor Bran Potter leads a field visit to explore the geology and hydrology of Lost Cove during Sewanee’s Finding Your Place program.


Finding Your Place is a program that introduces new students to campus, course work, professors, and classmates. Its place-based approach synthesizes knowledge and experiences across many disciplines and prepares students for an engaged life in and beyond Sewanee.


The program consists of courses representing a diversity of academic disciplines that begin in mid-August and end in mid-October. FYP courses are conducted in two parts. A nine-day, pre-semester immersion allows students to explore the concept of place and the surrounding Domain through plenary lectures, common readings, and field trips. With assistance from trained mentors, each course is led by one professor—a professor who also serves as the students' transitional mentor. Once the semester begins, the course continues with weekly seminars and/or field classes that focus through one disciplinary lens. Students deepen their understanding of the topic through a "capstone" project. What's more, the FYP courses even meet a General Education requirement.

Faculty and Courses

The professors teaching FYP courses represent an interdisciplinary collection of leading Sewanee faculty. They bring their own unique perspectives on what it means to be of a place, from a place, and how to find your place. Students are able to take part in panel discussions with each of these faculty members, and also choose a more specific topic for more immersive study.