Looking for a vocation with purpose-driven application? The study of law opens doors to many professional opportunities, diverse areas of practice, and skills transferable to a variety of careers—from academia and consulting to management and mediation.


What's great about Sewanee's pre-law program is that it’s not an academic track. You can major in anything you want—from Biology to Women's and Gender studies—and still be in this program. 

If you're interested in a career in law, pre-law advisors will suggest appropriate courses and offer advice about how best to seek admission to law schools. Sewanee also offers the LSAT three times each year.

The Association of American Law Schools does not prescribe specific courses or activities for preparation to study law. Undergraduates are best advised to concentrate on areas of study aimed at developing oral and written expression, language comprehension, critical understanding of the human institutions and values closely related to law, and a logical and systematic approach to solving problems.

Is law school right for me?

The decision to go to law school is a big one. It demands a great deal of personal commitment and financial sacrifice. We suggest that you do your homework, but you don't have to do that alone. Explore legal work with a summer internship through Sewanee's Career Center or participate in Sewanee’s moot court competition. 

PreLaw Student of the Month

Erin Elliot, Class of 2021

I am an English and music double-major also pursuing a minor in environmental studies as well as a creative writing certificate.  I am looking forward to holding my senior cello recital at the beginning of May, and will also be performing in Dynamics and Live Music Sound Nation at the end of the year.  I look forward to attending Cornell Law as a member of the J.D. class of ‘24, and hope to navigate towards a career in environmental policy.

A Sampling of Courses


Andrea C. Hatcher
Professor of Politics and Director, Pre-Law Program


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