Follow the diaspora of African people, exploring both past and contemporary cultures. Including concepts ranging from slavery to contemporary art, African & African American studies highlights the creativity and resilience of a continent’s people while also asking us to reflect on the subject of race.

Why African & African American Studies at Sewanee?

Sewanee’s African & African American studies minor comprises courses from across the spectrum of humanities and social sciences. It will encourage you to consider race and its intersection with class, gender, ethnicity, religion, and sexuality—especially how these concepts have shaped the historical and contemporary experiences and contributions of people of African descent.

Pursuing this minor, you have the choice of two tracks: a) an Africa and the African diaspora track that focuses on the people of the African continent; and b) an African American studies track that encompasses the history and culture of black people in the United States.

A Sampling of Courses

African & African American Studies

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Requirements for the Minor in African & African American Studies


emmitt Y. Riley, iii.
associate professor, politics
associate professor, African & african American STudies

Carnegie Hall, 318

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