This pre-professional program serves students by creating an environment of support and opportunity through an enriching liberal arts curriculum, clinical internships, holistic advising, and a strong alumni network.

Why Pre-health at Sewanee?

Sewanee provides an environment that promotes student success in the health professions with strong individualized advising experiences for all students and a unique leadership development program. 

Through our excellent curricular foundation and strong support system, Sewanee’s pre-health program fosters success and opportunities for personal growth. Our students are poised to become the health care leaders of tomorrow, capable of handling the complex health care system with compassion and confidence.

Don't just take our word for it. Numbers say it all.

Pre-Health Facts

Eight Pre-Health Programs

The Office of Medical and Health Programs at Sewanee offers the tools you need to build on a superior liberal arts education while preparing you for a successful career in health care. We successfully support students' interest in the full range of pre-health paths. Check out the programs we offer!

Pre-Health Advising

We help create the health care professionals you want to see. Our program offers a first-year orientation that introduces students to advisors. Students have access to free tutoring, course planning, and shadowing opportunities— all with the help of the pre-health advising office.

Leadership Opportunities

To provide students with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in health care fields, pre-health courses are often extremely rigorous. The Office of Medical and Health Programs provides both leadership development opportunities for students interested in tutoring and one-on-one peer tutoring for students seeking tutoring. All peer tutors have not only succeeded in the courses in which they tutor, but they have also been shown to be good teachers and mentors.

Pre-Health Internships

Whether your interest lies in research, clinical experience, or outreach, we have an internship for you. These clinical internships are a great way to explore a career as a medical doctor, physician assistant, or nurse. There are also many opportunities for students to shadow local pharmacists, dentists, physical therapists, and veterinarians.

After Sewanee

Not only are Sewanee alumni succeeding as medical professionals, they're coming back to interact with us, to be a resource, and to tell us about their journey. Don't take our word for it—meet some graduates who were part of our pre-health program. See what they have to say!

Pre-Health Student Awarded Sewanee's 47th Watson Fellowship

Mark McAlister, a biology major from Charlotte, North Carolina, was awarded a prestigious year long Watson Fellowship for 2017-18. He is Sewanee's 47th Watson Fellow.

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A sampling of pre-health courses

Sugar, Sugar

A student-led effort to address diabetes in local communities leads to a new academic course and a flourishing outreach program.

It’s taken a while for Sewanee’s diabetes education program to get where it is now, but the evolution went something like this: Students saw a need in the community, developed a program, worked with faculty and staff members to develop procedures, changed course when necessary, and have reached a point where students will be integrally involved in programs that have a positive impact on the health of hundreds of local patients. And now, for the first time, students are being trained as diabetes educators in a two-credit academic course that will allow them to continue the good work. 

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Meet some pre-health advisors