Molly M. Brookfield

Walsh Ellett 313/ Ext. 1394

Anthony Donaldson

Assistant Professor of History

Walsh-Ellett 311/ ext.1310

Harold Joel Goldberg

Professor of History

Walsh-Ellett 301 / ext. 1566

John McCardell

Vice-Chancellor Emeritus and Professor of History

Roger S. Levine

Associate Professor of History

Walsh-Ellett 307 / ext. 1785

Andrea Mansker

Professor of History and Chair, Women's and Gender Studies

Walsh-Ellett 203 / ext. 1861

Carmen E. McEvoy

Professor of History

Walsh-Ellett 315 / ext. 1491

Matthew Mitchell

Associate Professor of History

Walsh-Ellett 300 / ext. 3166

Tiffany Momon

Visiting Assistant Professor of History

duPont Library G27

Woody Register

Francis S. Houghteling Professor of American History

Walsh-Ellett 305 / ext. 1532

Susan J. Ridyard

Professor of History, Chair of Medieval Studies

Walsh-Ellett 303 / ext. 1531

Nicholas E. Roberts

Associate Professor of History, IGS Co-chair 2016-2017; Chair 2017-2019

Walsh-Ellett 309 / ext. 1767

Camille Westmont

Postdoctoral Fellow in Historical Archaeology

duPont Library G27 / ext.1179

Kelly Whitmer

Associate Professor of History

Walsh Ellett 302 / ext. 1723 (On scholarly leave until December 2021, returning Spring 2022)

John C. Willis

Jessie Ball duPont Professor of History

Walsh-Ellett 201 / ext. 1534

Courtney Thompson

Associate Professor of American Studies and Women’s and Gender Studies

Walsh-Ellett 317 / ext. 1471