Campus Security

The campus at Sewanee is, on the whole, a safe place to live. Although no institution can guarantee the safety of all students at all times, the University is fortunate to be located in a relatively low crime area and to have a very knowledgeable campus police force which traditionally has been attuned to the special needs of students, faculty, and staff. Students and residents have enjoyed an atmosphere in which members of the community may go safely about their various activities. Sewanee, however, like other colleges and universities, is not immune to the negative forces, including crime, which are present in the larger American society. Therefore, the best prevention against crime for the University community and its individual members is involvement. Help keep our community safe by reporting all suspicious or criminal activity.

Potential criminal actions and other emergencies on campus can be reported directly by any student, faculty or staff member. For speed in accessing the Police Department, a Communication Center is in place on the campus and an E-911 county system will provide contact with the police dispatcher 24-hours-a-day for an emergency. In non-emergency situations dial 931.598.1111 or Ext. 1111. The University’s Police Department and, when appropriate, University administrators will investigate all reported crimes. You may contact the Interim Chief of Police Troy Huffines at (931.598.1111).

Administrative and business offices of the police department are opened Monday - Friday, 08:00 am - 5:00pm. If you have an emergency call 911 immediately. To request an officer for non-emergency situations after hours call 931.598.1111.