Anyone can submit a report using the links below. Students and other members of the campus community are encouraged to speak up about the concerns they have through the appropriate report below. However, reporters should understand that the University takes all reports seriously, and that students knowingly making a false report may be reported to the Honor Council.

Using any form below will route the information to the Dean of Students office, the important thing is to report!

  • Report an incident (individual) - use this form to report information about student misconduct or behavior that could potentially violate policies at Sewanee; this form can be used for individual students or several students but student organization misconduct should be reported using the link below.

  • Report a concern (individual) - use this form to report any concern about a Sewanee student and this information will be routed to the CARE team. Faculty and staff may find helpful resources here to work with a student of concern.

  • Report student organization misconduct or hazing violation - use this form to report any fraternity, sorority or other student group's violation of policies, including suspicions of hazing, and be prepared to add as much detail as is available.

  • Report hateful or bias conduct - use this form to report any and all hateful conduct, speech or bias conduct of an individual student or student organization.

  • Report sexual misconduct or discrimination - use this form to report any sexual misconduct or behavior that could possibly violate the Sex Discrimination Policy at Sewanee; this form can be used for individuals (faculty, staff and students) and/or organizations.
    • Student Self Report COVID-19 - this form maybe used to alert the Dean of Students office to your positive test for COVID-19 or your exposure to COVID-19. This is a self-report for students and should be completed in concert with a call to the University Wellness Center at (931) 598-1270.

Student complaints are addressed according to grievance procedures described in the Student Policies of the College catalog

  • General complaint - Complaints could be general in nature or specifically concern the University's enforcement of applicable State laws or related to the University's accrediting or governing agencies.

State of Tennessee Complaint Procedures
Should the institution not be able to resolve the complaint, the person making the report has the right to contact the state of Tennessee and its appropriate agency to determine the course of action.

Complaints related to the application of state laws or rules related to approval to operate or licensure of a particular professional program within a postsecondary institution shall be referred to the appropriate State Board (i.e., State Boards of Health, State Board of Education, and so on) within the Tennessee State Government and shall be reviewed and handled by that licensing board (, and then search for the appropriate division).

Complaints related to state consumer protection laws (e.g., laws related to fraud or false advertising) shall be referred to the Tennessee Division of Consumer Affairs and shall be reviewed and handled by that Unit (

Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC)
Allegations regarding noncompliance with accreditation standards, policies, and procedures may be made to SACSCOC, 1866 Southern Lane, Decatur, GA 30033-4097. (To access the Commission’s complaint policy, procedures, and the Complaint Form, please see Complaint Policy‌).

EQB: The Guide to Living in Community
For more information on the student expectations and policies governing student conduct at Sewanee, please review the EQB guide.