The team’s purpose is to support the police department’s efforts in creating a safe and healthy learning and work environment for students, faculty, staff, community members, and visitors by providing feedback on existing policies, safety resources, and most importantly by bringing concerns to the University’s attention by way of the police department.

The University and the Sewanee Police Department are creating a new Safety Advisory Team and are currently seeking applicants to serve and help launch this pilot effort. Interested students can complete a short application online here.

The mission of the Safety Advisory Team is to provide students with leadership opportunities to:

  1. to better understand, support, and communicate the University’s safety and security efforts.
  2. to collaborate on projects which contribute to a healthier and safer campus community.
  3. to offer students’ perspective on communications, policy, and enforcement efforts.

The impact to the student community will be to improve the quality of safety and security communications to our community while improving relations between students and first responders to reduce the likelihood of crimes, fires, accidents, and injuries. The hope is to foster stronger sense of security and belonging while strengthening the health and safety of our students, community, and visitors.

Students interested in being a team member will dedicate to a two-year appointment. The team composition will be made up of undergraduate and graduate students, community members, and faculty and staff members who will be able to facilitate needs and concerns identified by this team to have a meaningful resolution. We are looking for young men and women who have a demonstrated commitment to the health of our community and who demonstrate integrity to discuss topics in a respectful, non-bias, means to improve the quality of life at Sewanee.

If you want to collaborate with the Sewanee Police Department and have a voice on safety concerns apply here.