The University of the South requires that all vehicles on campus be registered to assist with making our community safe and to manage parking resources effectively. The University requires that all students, faculty, and staff must register your vehicles for campus parking.

Students must register their vehicles each year. A new pass will be issued and must be affixed to your vehicle. If you are attending Summer School, you must register your vehicle for the Summer School term. You will be given a new parking sticker for the Summer School term.

Not sure where to park on campus? The University map is a great resource for guiding you to a location. The map shows all handicap, visitor, student, and faculty parking locations. To review the map go to the Sewanee Campus Map.

It is the responsibility of every person who owns or operates a vehicle to be familiar with parking regulations and restrictions. Ignorance of the regulations is not considered a valid excuse for parking violations.

University Parking Policy.