The University supports a variety of online tools that will help maintain academic continuity in your classes. The first and foremost method to maintain contact with your students, and continue your classes is the use of our Learning Management System BrightspaceWithin our LMS you can email students, upload files, record lectures, and even conduct virtual classes.

Below you will find a list of resources and best practices for utilizing these tools, as well as contact information for further technology help should you need it.

For other types of support, please contact Terry Papillon or Betsy Sandlin.

Advent 2022 Quick Links


Combine Brightspace Sections

Copy Brightspace Course Material

Faculty Support Individual Help


Get Connected

Step by step instructions on connecting to the campus network from your devices.

My Sewanee - The University's Internal Homepage

Instructions for using the University's internal links page for current employees.

Banner Admin

Our administrative portal with links to Banner self-service, Argos reporting, Chrome River Expenses, and more.

Brightspace: Our Learning Management System

Learn more about the University's Learning Management System Brightspace.

Barnes & Noble Adoption and Insights Portal

A portal to easily manage and adopt course materials.

Hybrid Classrooms

Learn more about the University's new classroom systems CYNAP.


Campus Printers

Instructions for installing your campus/office printer on a University device.


Learn more about the University's supported videoconferencing platform Zoom.


Learn more about the University's supported class recording software here. 

CFT Workshop Video Repository

Watch pre-recorded workshops, lectures, and other useful instructional resources in our repository from the University's Center for Teaching.

Virtual Whiteboarding

Some recommend tools for using virtual whiteboards within online classes.

Online Textbooks: Best Practices

A short best practices guide on implementing your online textbooks in classes.

2-Step Verification

Learn how to activate the University's 2-step verification requirement.

Clearing Browser Cache

Instructions for clearing your Internet browser's cache and cookies.

Cybersecurity Training

Complete the University's cybersecurity training modules here.