While there are an endless variety of whiteboarding and screen-sharing tools to use for your virtual classes, the CFT has a couple of recommendations below to help get you started.

If you have questions about these tools, or have some tips and tricks to share, please contact CFT directors Emily Puckette or Mark Hopwood.


Tablets - Zoom and Virtual Whiteboard Apps

Connecting your mobile device to a Zoom meeting to use as a virtual whiteboard.

Zoom's Whiteboard

Step by step instructions for using the built-in virtual whiteboard on Zoom.

Video Guides

Enabling Annotations in Zoom

A quick video guide on enabling the annotation feature in zoom by Dr. Cynthia Gray.

Collaborative Whiteboards in Zoom

A short video guide on using collaborative whiteboard in Zoom by Dr. Cynthia Gray.

CFT Workshop on Virtual Whiteboards

Watch a workshop hosted by the CFT on virtual whiteboarding.