Beginning July 30, 2021, the University requires that your G-Suite account employ a 2-step verification security measure. This means that, when signing into a new device, you will be required to (1) enter your password and (2) verify your identity using another device (your phone) or a backup code.

You must enable this verification before July 30, or you will lose access to your email. After that date, you will have to contact our helpdesk to regain control of your account and enable this new security measure.

Use the links below to find out how to enable this on your own account and understand why we are employing this new security measure. If you have any questions or concerns about two-factor authentication on your University account please reach out to our IT helpdesk by phone or email:

SETUP GUIDES (Choose one method)

#1 - The Google Authenticator App (RECOMMENDED)

How to setup, install, and use the google authenticator app on your smartphone. Our recommended method for convenience and functionality (you can use this method even if your smartphone has no signal).

#2 - Push Notifications

How to setup, install, and enable push notification security on your smartphone.

#3 - Backup Codes (login without a phone)

How to download, print, and use backup codes as 2-step verification for your account.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is 2-Step Verification? Why are we implementing it?

Further Resources

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