"No one belongs here more than you"- Brené Brown


We are strongly committed to the values of intellectual inquiry, diversity, equity, and inclusion, and living and serving in community. We seek to help employees of all backgrounds and identities flourish.

Banner Self-Service

A secure way to view and update your personal identification, contact, tax, and payroll information (including hours worked and leave reporting) housed in the University's Campus Information System.  Note: Your Username is your University email without the "@sewanee.edu" attached.

University Policies

All University policies are published and managed within the Provost's page. Clicking the link below will redirect you outside the HR page.

Staff Handbook

The Staff Handbook is a guideline that provides current policies, practices, and procedures for staff members’ information.

HR Policies & Expectations

The University is proud to provide eligible employees with extremely generous leave programs. 


Payroll resources include payroll schedules, Banner Self-Service instructions, along with time/leave reporting and approving instructions. 


Our goal is to attract, retain, and reward a highly qualified and diverse workforce at competitive compensation levels. 

Employee Benefits

Benefits are an important component of your total compensation package. 

Professional Growth

We encourage employees to take advantage of professional growth opportunities. 

Employee Committees

Two opportunities for employees to get involved are by serving on the Staff Partnership Council (SPC) or the Employee Benefits Committee (EBC). 

Report It

Always safe, secure and anonymous
Your input is essential to keep out fraud, waste, abuse, unethical or illegal activity in our workplace. If a situation arises that you believe requires attention, please REPORT IT!
Username: Sewanee     Password: Domain

Title IX & Sexual Misconduct Concerns

The University is committed to sustaining a community in which the dignity of every individual is respected. All Title IX policies are published and managed within the Title IX page. Clicking the link below will redirect you outside the HR page.