The Provost's Office maintains on this page policies and procedures for the University, the general campus community, and the Domain.


Policy Development Framework

Master List of University Policies


Campus Visits, Interviews

Sewanee Pledge FAQs


Fundraising Projects Policy

Named Space Policy

Physical Recognitions Policy

Business and Finance

Capital Projects Policy

Contract Policy

Intellectual Property Policy

Purchasing Card Policy

Purchasing Policy and Procedures

Surplus Property Policy


Death Announcements Procedures

Media Relations Policy

Procedures for Distributing Information to College Students


Camping Policy

Gate Key and Road Use Policy

Facilities Management

Bed Bug Policy


Faculty Appointment Procedures

Faculty Appointment Procedures for Non-Tenure-Track Faculty

Faculty Handbook

Medical Leave Policy

Parental Leave Policy for Tenured and Tenure-Track Faculty

Personnel Procedures for Non-Tenure-Track Faculty

Personnel Procedures for Tenured and Tenure-Track Faculty

Research Misconduct Policy

Sabbatical Leave Policy

Titles and Policies for Non-Tenure-Track Faculty

Financial Aid

Financial Aid for a Ninth Semester in College


Federal Grant and Contract Records Management Policy

Financial Conflict of Interest

Grants Overhead Policy

Human Resources

Alcohol and Drug Testing Policy

Benefits Summary

Consensual Relations Policy

Conflict of Interest Policy

Employee Disability Accommodation Policy

Employee Gift Policy

Employee Protection (Whistleblower) Policy

Moving Expense Policy

Non-Discrimination, Harassment, and Retaliation Policy

Staff Handbook

Title IX and Sex Discrimination Policy


Lease Policies and Procedures

Small Livestock Policy

Tree Policy


Parking Policy


Substantive Change Policy

Rental Housing

Rental Housing Policy


Animal Feeding Policy

Consensual Relations Policy

Dog Policy

Drug-Free Campus Policy

Hosting Events for Students at Homes

Key Access Control Policy

Mandatory Reporter Policy

Non-Discrimination, Harassment, and Retaliation Policy

Privacy Policy

Protection of Minors Policy

Service of Alcoholic Beverages at University Events

Timely Warning Policy

Title IX and Sex Discrimination Policy

Vehicle Use Policy

Weapons Policy

Student Life - College

EQB: The Guide for Living in Community

Student Records

FERPA Policy

Notification of Student Rights with Respect to Their Education Records


Policy on Technology Projects