The University is proud to provide eligible employee with extremely generous sick leave, vacation, holiday, and short-term disability programs. Additional options for leaves of long duration are available, and interested employees should contact the Office of Human Resources. 


The University observes 12 holidays per year. All staff members receive the same holidays; however, only staff members with regular or term appointments of one academic year, and who are working, on vacation, on sick leave, or an approved absence the day prior to the holiday are paid for time off. 


Paid vacation time is offered to eligible employees as outlined in our Staff Handbook, taking into consideration the type and length of the staff member's appointment and their years of service. 

Sick Leave

Staff members accrue sick leave at a rate of one day for each calendar month up to a maximum of 40 days. 

Short-Term Disability Leave

The University's short-term disability program replaces an eligible employee's full wages due to temporary disability. 

Family & Medical Leave

The University offers family and medical leave in accordance with the Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 (FMLA), representing the minimum leave to which each eligible employee is entitled for qualifying circumstances.