The University’s goal is to attract, retain, and reward a highly qualified and diverse workforce at competitive compensation levels. The University pursues that goal through the objectives below.

  • Affirmation. Every employee is a valuable contributor to the mission of the University.
  • External competition. The overall compensation structure will reflect a competitive market position, as measured by comparing average salaries for bench-marked jobs against our aspirant peers, comparative peers, and CUPA data in general.
  • Internal equity. Employees will be paid similarly for similar work at similar levels of performance.
  • Performance. Strong performers, as determined by supervisors through the collaborative review process, will be rewarded.
  • Transparency. The compensation framework will be made available to all staff members. 

Employees' Responsibilities

Everyone has a responsibility in understanding their role in the administration of the University's compensation plan. 

Staff Position Definitions

Exempt or Non-Exempt

Staff members of the University are categorized as exempt or non-exempt and are paid in accordance with the federal and state law and University policy. Exempt staff do not necessarily observe a fixed schedule and do not receive overtime pay. Exempt staff are expected to work the hours necessary to fulfill their duties, normally at least 40 hours per week. Non-exempt staff may be paid hourly wages or a salary and are entitled to overtime pay for all hours worked in excess of 40 hours per week.  (from Staff Handbook)

Career Bands

Establishing the appropriate career band is a critical piece in a position's compensation. All positions are the combination of many responsibilities; the ability to identify the primary purpose is critical to the appropriate placement of the position. 

Reclassifications & Promotions

Staff Promotions

A promotion occurs when an employee advances or is hired into to a different job with greater responsibilities and higher level career band and will result in a title change. To receive a promotion recognizing their contributions to the University, an employee must demonstrate exceptional performance and advanced competencies.

Reclassification of a Filled Staff Position

A reclassification may occur when a staff member's duties and responsibilities have undergone significant, permanent changes.

Guidelines, & Procedures

Additional Pay

Additional pay may occur when an employee temporarily takes on additional duties and responsibilities of a position that is in a higher career band.