Everyone has a responsibility in understanding their role in the administration of the University's compensation plan.

Employees’ responsibilities 
  • Participate in HR training regarding compensation and classification to acquire a general knowledge of compensation administration at the University.
  • Notify supervisor of significant changes to position duties, if supervisor is not already aware of these changes.
Supervisors’ responsibilities
  • Consult with HR in the planning stages of organizational changes that have the potential to impact classification and/or compensation of current employees. 
  • Partner with HR to provide information and guidance for employees concerning the University’s compensation plan.
  • Recommend starting salary in consultation with HR and provide appropriate justification for other related costs such as moving, new equipment, or other special terms of employment.
  • Recommend pay actions to management.
  • Gather and retain information to support pay actions.
Human Resources’ responsibilities
  • Administer and interpret compensation philosophy and policies
  • Review all recommended or requested pay adjustments based on external market studies and internal equity
  • Monitor and evaluate compensation administration practices to ensure adherence to Federal and State laws/regulations and the University’s staff compensation plan
  • Partner with managers and supervisors to provide information and guidance to employees
  • Recommend starting salary ranges in consultation with the hiring department
Position Management Team’s responsibilities
  • Meet once a month to review and discuss all aspects of staff positions within the University including but not limited to: new positions, replacements, reclassifications, promotions, posting of positions, and the staff compensation plan.