Additional Pay Guidelines and Procedure

Additional pay may occur when an employee temporarily takes on additional duties and responsibilities of a position that is in a higher career band. Additional pay may occur as a result of the following: 

  • The employee is working as the Interim of a position.
  • The employee is filling in for a vacancy of a position in a higher career band or for another employee who is on an approved leave of absence in a higher career band.

Temporary additional duties and responsibilities typically will not exceed six months. 

How to request an additional pay: 

The supervisor submits the request for additional pay to Human Resources (HR). The request requires: 

  • A detailed, written rationale that addresses the specific differences in the employee’s current duties/responsibilities and the assumed duties/responsibilities, and addresses the impact on the office or division.
  • The effective begin and end date
  • Approval from the division head

HR will share the request with the Provost through the Position Management Team process.

Additional information:

  • The supervisor will be notified in writing with the outcome of the additional pay request.  
  • The supervisor will work with Human Resources to determine the appropriate additional pay before the offer is made and before potential pay is discussed with the employee.
  • Additional pay cannot be retroactive.
  • Additional pay is typically not factored in an employee’s benefits.
  • Additional pay is only added to hours worked performing the additional duties and responsibilities. It is not added to hours away from work such as sick, vacation, etc. 
  • Non-exempt staff will be provided with a second timesheet to record the eligible worked hours.