"Clear is kind. Unclear is unkind" - Brené Brown

Welcome to the University of the South's online Supervisor's Toolkit. The Toolkit has been designed to help supervisors develop their teams, manage employees, and understand the requirements of their role. 

Use the Toolkit when you are first appointed as a supervisor of others, when you take on a new role, when you are planning your development as a supervisor, and any time you are in need of relevant information and resources.

Working With Human Resources: 

The HR office focuses on building strong relationships with supervisors by:

  • Understanding the unit’s discipline, mission, and goals
  • Assisting the unit with workforce planning and recruitment
  • Developing and maintaining a proactive advocacy role
  • Providing strategic organizational design and development
  • Serving as a resource to ensure the departments are in compliance with laws, rules, and regulations
  • Assisting with performance management

Foundations of Supervising Staff

The foundations are designed to provide practical and beneficial skills and technical assistance so that you can become aware and knowledgeable about common practices, procedures, and guidelines that are essential to a supervisor's success. 

Developing Our Staff

Explore some resources on staff development including meeting with staff, handling difficult situations and staff training opportunities.