The Employee Benefits Committee is charged with advising the administration on matters relating to all faculty and staff benefits. To convene regularly, at the call of the Chair or upon the request of any three members to the chair. To conduct substantive discussions about faculty and staff benefits and any proposed changes thereto. To seek, consider, and represent the opinions and interests of faculty and staff in the Committee's deliberations and in its advice to the administration. To inform faculty and staff, through their respective representatives on the Committee, of all conditions or proposals that may affect faculty and staff benefits. As circumstances require, but no less often than once per academic year, the Director fo Human Resources, as an ex-officio member of the Committee, will report on the status of faculty and staff benefits in meetings of the Joint Faculties and of the staff. 

  • Chris Champion–CHAIR

  • Brian Evans–ex officio without vote

  • Laurence Alvarez–term ending 06/30/2025

  • Tracie Sherrillterm ending 06/30/2024

  • Renee Blairterm ending 06/30/2023

  • Shelly Heusohnterm ending 06/30/2025

  • Carrie McClainterm ending 06/30/2024

  • Alessia Martiniterm ending 06/30/2024

  • Chris Van de Venterm ending 06/30/2024

  • vacant non-exempt staff positionterm ending 06/30/2023
  • Hilary Bogert-Winklerterm ending 06/30/2024

  • Matt Irvinterm ending 06/30/2023

  • Eric Thurmanterm ending 06/30/2023