U.S. Transfer applicants are U.S. Citizens who plan to enroll at Sewanee after enrolling at another college or university.

Transfer Application Checklist | International Transfers
Applicant submits
Free Common Application Roughly 7 business days after you hit submit, we will email your Applicant Status Page login credentials. 
SAT/ACT scores (optional) You will decide on your application if you would like to submit your SAT/ACT scores or apply test-optional
English Proficiency Exam Review our exam requirements.
Statement of Reasons for Transferring Submitted via commonapp.org.
Applying for Need-Based Aid? Complete the FAFSA and CSS Profile by your application deadline. Incomplete need-based financial aid applications may delay admission decisions.
Request from your College
Final High School Transcript & any College Transcript with a cumulative college grade point average of 3.0 (B) or above on a 4.0 scale Submitted via commonapp.org from your high school and all colleges attended
Academic Evaluation Submitted via commonapp.org from one of your college professors
College Report
The Dean of Students or equivalent official at your current or past college attended should email us this form.

Review & Timeline

Every application submitted to us is reviewed by multiple members of the admission staff. We're looking to say yes and it's how you craft your application that gives us the ability to do so. Be sure you understand our review process and admission timeline.

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I a transfer or first-year applicant? How much does it cost to apply? Is Sewanee test optional? All of these questions and more answered below.


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