The only thing easier than realizing that you want to apply to Sewanee is actually doing it.

Sewanee had 4,578 applicants for the class of 2026.

Admission Facts

Admission, Aid, & Deposit Timeline

All applicants, no matter their admission round, are fully eligible for need-based aid and scholarship consideration so as long as they submit all requirements by their admission deadline. Enrollment deposits are non-refundable after your deposit deadline.

Round Admission  Deadline Admission & Scholarship Notifications  Deposit Deadline
Spring Transfer Nov. 1 Rolling Dec. 3
Early Decision I Nov. 15 Early Dec. Jan. 15
Early Action Dec. 1 Late Jan. May 1
Early Decision II Jan. 15 Late Jan. March 1
Regular Decision Feb. 1 Early March May 1
Fall Transfer June 1 Rolling July 1
Early Decision 

For students who realize that Sewanee is not only a great college choice, but the only college choice for them, there’s no better option than Early Decision. By applying Early Decision, a student will submit an Early Decision Agreement stating they will withdraw all other college applications if admitted to Sewanee. 

Early Action

There are plenty of students who are over-the-moon about Sewanee but feel more comfortable keeping their options open. For those students, Early Action is a great option. 

Regular Decision

The Regular Decision deadline is a student's last chance to apply to Sewanee and is a good option for students who need a little bit more time to complete their application.


Transfer applicants are students who are applying to Sewanee after enrolling at another college or university. Sewanee enrolls transfer students twice a year. For students interested applying for spring transfer, the priority deadline is Nov. 1. For students interested applying for fall transfer, the priority deadline is June 1. 

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