Sewanee had 5,018 applicants for the class of 2026.

Academic criteria

       *For students who opted to submit test scores.
What matters to us

Every application submitted to us is reviewed by multiple members of the admission staff. We're looking to say yes and it's how you craft your application that gives us the ability to do so. While your academic history is written and complete for the most part by the time you apply, there are other areas of the application we consider to make a successful application. 

  1. Review the high school course requirements and admission details.
  2. Review the steps to applying.
  3. Review any applicant specific requirements.

A strong high school performance demonstrating consistent or increasing strength in coursework is paramount in our admission review. Typically, successful Sewanee applicants are on track to complete the following courses. We appreciate that applicants come from a variety of educational backgrounds which is why the course requirements are broad.

4 years  English
3 or more years Math (inc. Algebra I, Algebra II, and Geometry)
2 or more years Laboratory Science
2 or more years Social Science (inc. History)
2 or more years Second Language (other than English)

While your courses might not fit neatly with what is listed above, we encourage applicants to offer explanation of their courses in the additional information section on the Common Application or by submitting a copy of their School Profile. An sample school profile can be found here

Completing Your application

Sewanee only accepts the Common Application. Here are the things we are looking for when we read yours:

Common Application
  • Clearly written essays
  • Extracurriculars: Activities that speak to your passions
Admission Deadlines
  • Applicants will indicate their desired admission round/deadline on their Common Application.
SAT/ACT Scores
  • Apply test-optional. Applicants must indicate this on the Common Application prior to submitting. Review our policy below.
  • Applicants can self-report scores using this self-reporting form or send directly from the testing agency (SAT code 1842, ACT code 4024)
2 Letters of Recommendation
  • Applicant will need 1 core junior or senior teacher recommendation and 1 counselor recommendation. 
  • The teacher should be able to speak to their experience teaching the applicant in their class by clearly describing the academic, character, and personal achievements of the applicant.
  • The counselor/principal is someone in the college or upper school office that can speak more broadly to the impact the applicant has made at the school.
  • We will accept, via email, up to 2 additional recommendations. 
Review Additional Requirements

Admission details

Applying Test Optional

Sewanee's test-optional admission policy allows students to choose to submit their ACT scores, their SAT scores, or no scores at all. You will select your preferred testing plan on the Common Application, in the specific University of the South question section. The question is simple. Under “Testing Plan,” you can choose to: “Apply Test-Optional” or “Submit Standardized Test Scores.” Should you apply test-optional, there is nothing else you will need to do. If any scores are in your student record, they will be hidden. However, if you decide to submit standardized test scores at a later date, we will allow you to submit those scores for admission consideration. You will need to let us know if you want to make the change by the admission deadline you have selected. If you choose to submit standardized test scores, we encourage you to self-report them using the form below. Sewanee does super score, so send all of your available test scores. If you have submitted your test scores, but decide later that you would prefer to apply test-optional, that change will be honored as long as you notify your admission counselor by email by your admission deadline. 

Demonstrated Interest

Sewanee is a close community and one that benefits from students who are 'all-in'. Because of this, a review of your engagement with our office through campus visits (online or in person), college fairs, appointments, high school visits, phone calls, texting, etc., is part of our application review process.


We know this is an unusual time for everyone, and we don’t expect students to have taken on more responsibilities than they normally would have. It is our hope that you have taken care of your own health first and foremost. Many of you will not have had the chance to participate in events that are cherished as part of the high school experience—from prom, to participating in sports and theater productions, and even walking across the stage at graduation. We know it’s hard. We are committed to helping you through this time and are happy to hear about your experiences, whether you learned a new instrument, read some great books, or cultivated a new Scrabble addiction. Life during this period of time has placed a mark on us all; let’s move forward together.

Our Numbers

Sewanee strives to bring a diverse group of students to campus every year. Students come with many layers that add to the fabric of the Domain. 

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