First-Year Applicant Checklist

First-year applicants are students who plan to enroll at Sewanee as first-time college students.

  • Completed Common Application
  • Official high school transcript
  • Two recommendations: one from a junior/senior core curriculum teacher, one from a school counselor—submitted using the Common Application
  • ACT/SAT scores for students who choose to submit them
  • Mid-year grade report when available—submitted using the Common Application
Frequently Asked Questions
  • Where do I get an application?
    Sewanee only accepts the Common Application. You can get started by logging on to
  • How much does it cost to apply?
    Sewanee’s application is free to all applicants.
  • Should I contact a Sewanee admissions counselor? When? How?
    Making contact with a member of Sewanee’s admission staff is always a good idea. Not only are they often helpful and knowledgeable, but it also demonstrates your interest in Sewanee throughout the admission process. Counselors are easily accessible via email to address questions about the University or our application process.
  • Should I submit all of my SAT and ACT scores, even if I'm planning to retest?
    Yes. Sewanee ‘Superscores’ those ACT and SAT scores, which means that we combine the highest individual section scores from each test that you submit. It is often in a student’s favor to allow us to see every test they have taken. Alternatively, because Sewanee is a test-optional institution, applicants are not required to submit test scores at all. Students must specify this option prior to sending in scores.
  • Do you require SAT subject tests or the optional ACT Writing Test?
    No. However, if a student would like to submit SAT subject test scores or ACT Writing Test scores, we will evaluate those scores as supporting documents to the application. We do encourage home-schooled students to submit SAT subject tests in areas other than math and English.
  • How do I apply for scholarships and financial aid?
    Applicants are automatically considered for academic scholarship by submitting their Common Application. Students who wish to apply for additional financial aid assistance beyond academic scholarships must complete the CSS Profile and the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).
  • Can I get college credit for Advanced Placement (AP) or International Baccalaureate (IB) classes?
    While scores of 4 and 5 on AP exams and 5, 6, or 7 on IB higher level exams will qualify students for college credit, they will not allow students to exempt themselves from General Education requirements.
  • Does Sewanee offer any athletic scholarships?
    No. As an NCAA Division III school, Sewanee is not able to offer athletic scholarships.
  • Does Sewanee offer dual or concurrent credit?
    No. Sewanee does not exchange dual or concurrent credit for course credit.


Lisa Burns
Associate Dean of Admission

Fulford Hall