Your admission counselor is available to you during every step of the admission process.

Find your counselor based on the location of the high school you attend at the time of graduation. If you attend a boarding school, select the location of that boarding school, not the location of your permanent residence. If you do not see your area listed, please complete Request Information form and your request will be routed to the correct counselor. 


We are delighted that your student is considering Sewanee. We know you are excited about your child’s college search. Are you a little anxious, too? We have compiled a list of topics we think you will find helpful. And, if you can't find what you are looking for, just ask and we will get right back to you.

Lee Ann Backlund, Dean of Admission & Financial Aid

When she is not at work, you can find Lee Ann enjoying a morning run on the trails or a walk out to Green's View.

Taylor Baird, C'15, Assistant Director of Admission

Taylor's territories include: Colorado, Florida (Greater Miami area), Georgia (Metro Atlanta area), and North Carolina. When you visit: Taylor recommends that you stop by Stirling's Coffee House for a specialty coffee or sandwich!

Lisa Burns, Associate Dean of Admission‌

Lisa's territories include: Hawaii, Ohio, Oregon, Western Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico, Washington, and West Virginia. Lisa also works with all home-schooled applicants. When you visit: Lisa recommends that you walk to the Blue Chair in the Village and have a fruit tea.

Sarah Butler, Associate Director of Admission

Sarah's territories include: Middle Tennessee (Nashville area) and New York. When you visit: Sarah recommends that you see Morgan's Steep, Lake Cheston, and the University Farm along a 2.5-mile loop.

Jeff Heitzenrater, Associate Director of Admission

Jeff's territories include: Kansas, Michigan, Missouri, South Carolina, West Tennessee (Memphis area), and Wisconsin. Jeff also works with all transfer applicants. When you visit: Jeff recommends you try the special at Shenanigan's for lunch, and go for a bike ride or run on the Mountain Goat Trail.

Josh King, C'11, Associate Dean of Admission for Operations & Communications

Josh's territories include: California and Middle Tennessee (Franklin, Coffee, Grundy, and Marion counties). When you visit: Josh recommends that you walk through the Quad at dusk to see the setting sun shine through the Chapel windows.

Reece Jamison, C'19, Admission Counselor

Reece's territories include: Alabama, Arkansas, Illinois, and Mississippi. When you visit: Reece recommends that you take some time to sit in Gailor Hall and grab a good book from the shelves.

Cassidy Martin, Admission Counselor

Cassidy's territories include: Connecticut, Delaware, Florida (excluding Greater Miami), and Georgia (excluding Greater Atlanta). When you visit: Cassidy recommends that you relax in the rocking chairs on the front porch of Fulford Hall.

Tim Neil, C'13, Associate Director of Admission

Tim's territories include: Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont. Tim also works with U.S. Citizens abroad and international applicants. When you visit: Tim recommends that you try the Caldwell Rim Trail.

Lateishia Spencer, Assistant Director of Admission

Lateishia's territories include: Maryland, New Jersey, Eastern Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Washington D.C. When you visit: Lateishia recommends you take a scenic walk through Abbo's Alley!

Faith Vaughn, Assistant Director of Admission

Faith's territories include: Alaska, Arizona, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Minnesota, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, East Tennessee (Chattanooga and Knoxville areas), South Dakota, Utah, and Wyoming. When you visit: Faith recommends that you drive down Tennessee Avenue and visit the Memorial Cross and view the sunset from the bluff.

Nancy York, C'11, Senior Assistant Director of Admission

Nancy's territories include: Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Texas. When you visit: Nancy recommends that you hike to Lake Dimmick and take a swim at the end!