The mission of the Arcadian program is two-fold: to utilize the personal stories and experiences of our student volunteers to help recruit new students while also developing student volunteer's communication and leadership skills. Participating as an Arcadian is a great resume builder!

Arcadian Roles

When you become an Arcadian, you are shaping future classes of Sewanee students. The Arcadian Program builds communication and leadership skills, as well as life-long friendships. Volunteers are able to choose their roles within the organization, and shape their commitment to the program.

Info for Current Arcadians

Easter 2020 Check-In

Make sure that you are checking in for activities - we don't want you to forfeit points by not checking in.

Arcadian Mentor Program (AMP)

The role of the Arcadian Mentor Program (AMP) is to ensure that new tour guides are given the highest level of support and training possible. All tour guide applicants are assigned an upperclassmen mentor, who they will work with through the hiring process and during their first full semester as a new tour guide.

Meetings and Ongoing Training

The Easter 2020 semester training schedule will be announced early in Jan. 2020. A mandatory Arcadian Leader meeting will be held on Saturday, Jan. 18 at 1:30 pm at Fulford. A mandatory all-Arcadian meeting will be held on Sunday, Jan. 19 at 1 pm in Gailor Auditorium. Easter semester panelist training has been tentatively scheduled for Saturday, Feb. 8 at 1 pm and for Sunday, Feb. 9, also at 1 pm. Both panelist training sessions will be held at Fulford Hall.

Partnerships & Professional Organizations

Sewanee has partnered with Render Experiences since 2008. Render has been helping colleges create campus visit experiences that strategically align with key enrollment targets sincer 2006. We've also been members of the Collegiate Information and Visitor Services Association (CIVSA) since 2008. CIVSA provides a wealth of information for both our staff and our student leaders.

Leadership Positions

Arcadian Leaders

Arcadian Leaders are the unsung hero's of the program! They work with tour guides and ambassadors to ensure that our tour groups are small and interactive and that the Admission office is appropriately staffed each day.


Do you wonder how the Arcadian Program runs behind the scenes? Our seven Co-Directors tackle big-picture, long-term projects like event management, recruitment and hiring, and program retention.



Fulford Hall

lakeisha Phillips, C'22
co-Director for Recruitment & Retention

Fulford Hall