The Arcadian Program is committed to ensuring that each student volunteer's individual skill set is developed and appreciated. Students are able to partner with the Office of Admission in a variety of roles, whether it be as a tour guide, ambassador, panelist, Senior Interviewer, Arcadian Leader, or Co-Director of the program.

We'll Take you on tour!

Why Join?

Hear from a few recent alumni about how the Arcadian program impacted their experience on campus as well as their life after graduation.

Arcadian Ambassadors

Ambassadors are typically first-year students but sophomores, juniors, and seniors participate as ambassadors as well. Students who serve as ambassadors host prospective students for lunch at McClurg, escort students to classes and appointments, and serve as greeters during Admission events. If you are interested in becoming a tour guide, volunteering as an Ambassador is your first step!

Tour Guides

Everyone remembers the best tours they participated in during their college search process. The best tours are based on great stories from your guide. Arcadian tour guides are vetted through a two-month long selection process and participate in valuable ongoing mentorship and training to make sure that they are the best story-tellers around!


One of the cornerstone philosophy's of the Office of Admission's campus visit program is ensuring that our visitors experience as many layers of interaction with our student volunteers as possible. Admission panelists ensure that every visiting student hears about different experiences and perspectives while they are on campus.

Senior Interviewers

The Senior Interviewer program in the Office of Admission allows current senior students in the College to serve as members of the professional Admission Office staff, interviewing and interacting with prospective students and corresponding with them throughout the year.

Alumni Arcadians

Upon graduation, we depend upon former Arcadians to continue their recruitment work with the Office of Admission.