We welcome all of you who have been admitted to Sewanee. All of your hard work over the past four years has come to fruition. Now it's time to decide whether you'll spend the next four years diving into academic life, leading Sewanee Outing Program trips, getting to know professors over a cup of coffee at Stirling's, or forging exceptional friendships with folks from all around the globe. Actually, you don't have to decide: At Sewanee, you can do all that and more. Be ready to start the most exciting chapter of your life–today, right here at Sewanee.

Uncommon Air

There’s something different about the air up here, and we wanted to give you a taste of what it will be like when you arrive as a new student.

Celebrate Virtually!

Experience Sewanee

Congratulations on your admission to Sewanee! Because you can't come to the Mountain right now, we thought we'd bring the Mountain to you with a virtual version of our annual Experience Sewanee event for admitted students. Explore some of the highlights here to learn more about Sewanee straight from the experts—our students, faculty, and staff.


Perspective Sewanee offers an engaging program for admitted students interested in discovering the diversity of people and the numerous multicultural opportunities Sewanee has to offer. This session offers a safe space to discuss various topics regarding current student experience, multicultural platforms, and resources available on campus. If you're interested, please let us know and we can send you the login instructions.

The Sewanee Sessions

The Sewanee Sessions are a series of informative panels from current Sewanee students, faculty, and staff designed to give you another glimpse of what life at Sewanee might be like for four years. These webinars are a chance for you to explore all that Sewanee has to offer from the comfort of your living room.

Ask a Sewanee Student

Connect with the experts! Ask the important questions about campus life, living, dining, belonging, favorite spots on campus, weekend life, athletics, clubs and organizations, and so much more. 

Sewanee Families

Welcome to the Sewanee family! We are excited that your student is considering Sewanee. To prepare for their transition to college (as well as yours), be sure to visit this link. See you on the Mountain soon.

My Sewanee Story: Watson Hartsoe

This is Watson's story. What will your Sewanee story be?

Leadership Opportunities

The Bonner Leaders Program

Sewanee’s Bonner Leaders apply for a four-year service internship and leadership program as they are being admitted to the University. As a Bonner, you will complete the Bonner path to service, which starts with establishing connections with community partners and ends with you taking full leadership responsibility.

The Carey Fellows Program

Students seeking a more intensive business studies educational experience may apply to become a Carey Fellow, Sewanee's business honors program. Carey Fellows complete requirements beyond the normal coursework—including a semester-long, paid internship—that prepare them for leadership positions.

The Hippocrates Fellowship Program

For students with career goals in medicine, the designation as a Hippocrates Fellow brings with it a mark of distinction and special opportunities to ensure a strong start to the pre-medical experience at Sewanee during the freshman year and continued success beyond.

Enrollment Checklist

What's more real than your very own Sewanee email address and student ID? Pay your enrollment deposit and get started on your Enrollment Checklist! By helping you complete the heavy lifting now, Sewanee's comprehensive enrollment checklist allows you to focus on the hard stuff before move-in this August. Login to your Applicant Status Page to begin working on your Enrollment Checklist. The checklist is live for all deposited students.

A sample of Your Enrollment Checklist 
  • Activate your Sewanee Email account.
  • Complete your Residential Life form.
  • Begin the course selection process.
  • Submit your photo for your Sewanee ID card.
Seeking credit?

After paying their enrollment deposit, incoming students are asked to complete the Academic Inventory form on their Enrollment Checklist. This form provides instructions on how to send and receive credit for Advanced Placement (AP), Cambridge International A-Level, Dual Enrollment, or International Baccalaureate Higher Level (IB) courses. Please review the online catalogue for more details. 

On the Domain

Tour your new playground, your laboratory, your new home on the Cumberland plateau.

Arrival & orientation

We cannot wait to welcome you in August! Over multiple weeks, the Office of Residential Life will organize the arrival and move-in of incoming students to campus. Incoming students should consult with their admission counselor if they have questions regarding their arrival. 

  • New Students can participate in Finding Your Place, PRE, or their fall sport. Fall varsity athletes on the field hockey, football, soccer, and volleyball teams are unable to participate in FYP or PRE as this will conflict with pre-season practice. Read more on FYP & PRE below.
  • All incoming students will participate in New Student Orientation. 
  • Families are encouraged to attend New Student Orientation. 
  • International students should review arrival information from the Office of Global Citizenship. 
Finding Your Place  Aug. 3, 2020
PRE Aug. 10-12, 2020

New Student Orientation

Aug. 13-16, 2020

First Day of Classes Aug. 17, 2020

Have questions? No problem.

We know moving into a new home can be stressful. That's why we surveyed those who just went through their first year here at Sewanee to help you answer your questions. Check out a list of answers to questions frequently asked by incoming students and their families. If it's not on there, no worries! Email your admission counselor, who will be with you every step of the way.

The Sewanee Outing Program (SOP)

On SOP trips, students learn valuable leadership and technical skills while gaining a greater appreciation for the natural world.

Sewanee Outing Program's PRE Orientation (PRE)

PRE-Orientation offers incoming first year students the opportunity to get to know Sewanee in a unique and exciting atmosphere. While familiarizing themselves with the 13,000-acre Domain, students meet other first-year students and upperclassmen in an environment that creates trust and establishes new friendships.

Whether rock climbing for the first time, crawling through winding passages in Walker Springs Cave, or building a house with Sewanee Outreach, PRE-Orientation provides memories and friendships that will last a lifetime. Registration will open in mid-April 2020.


Walking in Place

Geology Professor Bran Potter leads a field visit to explore the geology and hydrology of Lost Cove during Sewanee’s Finding Your Place program.

Finding your place (fyp)

Why does place matter? Places speak to us through our senses and their sense of community, through their stories and their history, through the environment and the culture—but the truth is, it takes time and attention to make a place your own. This program is a great way to get started. 

Finding Your Place is a program that introduces new students to campus, coursework, professors, and classmates. Its place-based approach synthesizes knowledge and experiences across many disciplines and prepares students for an engaged life in and beyond Sewanee. Registration will open in mid-April 2020.

Beyond the Gates

Career Prep

Whether your immediate postgraduate goal is graduate school or a career, the Sewanee Career Center is here to give you a hand from the very beginning.

Starting your freshman year, the Career Center staff will encourage you to look into summer internships. Then, they’ll tell you all about the endowed internship funds that provide over $600,000 to Sewanee students pursuing otherwise-unpaid internships and research opportunities each summer.

The Career Center also works with our students after graduation to see how they’re faring in the “real world.” Here’s what they found out about the Class of 2018 seven months after graduation: 

  • 98.3% of graduates were employed, in graduate/professional school, or pursuing internships or fellowships.
  • 74% were employed.
  • 14% were in graduate or professional school.

Our dynamic Outcomes Infographic can show you even more about the fields that Sewanee’s academic programs prepare you for. If you really like a lot of information, check out where graduates have landed since 2010. It's sorted by academic major. 

The Sewanee Pledge

The Sewanee Pledge  

Sewanee has taken a leading role in making a first-rate education more accessible, with personalized scheduling and advising, and having honor as a central pillar of life on the Domain. Now, we have deepened our commitment by adding new guarantees for new students.

  • We pledge—to help Sewanee graduates secure good jobs and spots at top graduate programs by providing funding for a summer internship or research fellowship.
  • We pledge—to help Sewanee graduates find their place in an increasingly interconnected world by providing you with access to a semester-long study-abroad program at no additional tuition cost.
  • We pledge—that you will graduate in four consecutive years (with one major). If you do not, Sewanee will provide up to one additional year of study tuition-free.

Of course, you will have to do your part, too. But if you meet Sewanee’s academic and social expectations, we pledge—we guarantee—to make these opportunities available to you.

More about Sewanee