We welcome all of you who have been admitted to Sewanee. All of your hard work over the past four years has come to fruition. Now it's time to decide whether you'll spend the next four years diving into academic life, leading Sewanee Outing Program trips, getting to know professors over a cup of coffee at Stirling's, or forging exceptional friendships with folks from all around the globe. Actually, you don't have to decide: At Sewanee, you can do all that and more. Be ready to start the most exciting chapter of your life–today, right here at Sewanee. Please review Sewanee's deposit deadlines. Deposits are non-refundable after your deposit deadline.



What's more real than your very own Sewanee email address and student ID? Pay your enrollment deposit and get started on your Enrollment Checklist! Login to your Applicant Status Page to begin working on your Enrollment Checklist and ensure that you're ready for a great first year right here. The checklist will go live for all deposited students in late February and continue to populate new enrollment forms though August.

A sample of your enrollment checklist:
  • Activate your Sewanee Email account.
  • Complete your Residential Life form.
  • Begin the course selection process.
  • Submit your photo for your Sewanee ID card.
  • Complete your Academic Inventory form to get credit for your AP, Dual Enrollment, and IB courses.
Arrival & Orientation

We cannot wait to welcome you in August! Over multiple weeks, the Office of Residential Life will organize the arrival and move-in of incoming students to campus. Incoming students should consult with their admission counselor if they have questions regarding their arrival.

  • All incoming students will participate in New Student Orientation.
  • Families are encouraged to attend New Family Orientation.
  • International students should review arrival information from the Office of Global Citizenship. 
Finding Your Place  Dates coming soon
PRE Dates coming soon
New Family Orientation Aug. 19-20, 2023
New Student Orientation Aug. 19-22, 2023
First Day of Classes Aug. 23, 2023

Can't Wait Until August?

Admitted Student Events & Daily Visits

No matter how hard we try, it's impossible to sum up everything that goes on in our 13,000-acre Domain. To really get a sense of all that the Sewanee experience provides for you, you just have to see it all for yourself. From daily visits to special events, and virtual options, we've got you covered.

Sewanee Sessions

We're offering a variety of webinars for admitted students and families to hear from a collection of students, faculty, and staff. Each Sewanee Session will be offered on Wednesday for an hour and can be viewed live from the comfort of your own home.

Sewanee Families

Welcome to the Sewanee family! We are excited that your student is considering Sewanee. To prepare for their transition to college (as well as yours), be sure to visit this link. See you on the Mountain soon.

Register for Pre-Orientation!


PRE offers incoming first year students the opportunity to get to know Sewanee in a unique and exciting atmosphere. While exploring the 13,000-acre Domain, students meet other first-years and upperclassmen in an environment that creates trust and establishes new friendships. Friendships that will last for the next four years and beyond.

Finding Your Place (FYP)

Finding Your Place is a program that introduces new students to the Domain, course work, professors, and classmates. By studying place through the lens of a variety of different disciplines, they will come to better understand their new home on the Mountain while also meeting fellow first-years, upperclassmen, and faculty.

Once you've settled in...


Programs of Study

At Sewanee, you'll have the opportunity to pursue a program of study or two (or three) in just about any subject you can imagine. From a rigorous business honors program to an English program rooted in a nationally recognized literary tradition to one of the premier collections of environmental offerings in the country.

Honors & Pre-Professional Programs

For those students who know exactly where they want to go in life, Sewanee offers several highly distinctive honors and pre-professional programs including the Carey Fellows Business Program, the Hippocrates Pre-Medical Fellowship, and many more. Each is designed to provide students with the distinct skills and real-world experiences they need to get there. 

Exploring Your Interests

We get it. Choosing what you want to study can be a bit daunting. That's why Sewanee's liberal arts curriculum encourages students to dip their toes into wide range of disciplines including the humanities, the hard sciences, the arts, and more. You may just end up discovering a new passion that alters your path and changes your life forever.

Campus Life

See Your Dorm

Have you ever wanted to live in a beautiful, neo-Gothic, sandstone building? Well, maybe you've never thought about it before but now that you have, we're guessing the answer is yes. At Sewanee, that's exactly what you'll do. And in the process, you just might forge the sorts of relationships that will change your life for next four years (and beyond.)

Your 13,000-acre Backyard

Sewanee, the Domain, the Mountain. Whatever you want to call it, it'll be all yours. It's where you'll read Shakespeare by a meadow in the woods. It's where you'll meet your new best friend while swimming at Lake Cheston. It's where you'll reflect on your aspirations under a starry sky. It's the unrivaled environment we've got right here that will prepare you to connect with the world out there.

What you'll do for fun

What do you like to do for fun? Whatever the answer is, the chances are we've got something just for you (and your friends). From truly inclusive Greek life (nearly all Greek events are open to all students) to over 100 interest-based clubs, Sewanee will help you connect with your interests and discover new ones. In the process, you might just step up as a leader on campus. How's that for work hard, play hard?

Do More in Four

The Sewanee Pledge

The Sewanee Pledge ensures that students will can do more in four years. We guarantee that you will have the opportunity to participate in a fully funded summer internship or research fellowship, to take part in a semester abroad at no additional tuition cost, and to graduate in four years, otherwise the fifth one is on us. All of this to guarantee that when you leave here, you'll have a global perspective and the professional experience you need to go into whatever field calls you.

Four Years from Now....

Your Future Secured


Whether you know exactly what you want to do after graduation or you're just starting to explore the question, Career Readiness has your back with nationally-ranked career coaching, internship placement services, and alumni networking (yes, we're top ranked in all of those.) It's why we like your chances of success when you leave here. And we think you will too.

Next Steps

Sewanee graduates go on to do big things. From startups to top-tier consulting firms to volunteer programs around the country and the world, the experience they've had right here, shapes their place in the world out there.