From the arts, to field-work, to creative writing, Sewanee's pre-college programs give high school students a taste of life on the Domain during one of the most beautiful times of the year.

Sewanee's Pre-College Programs

Sewanee's Academic English Program

A four-week program designed to better prepare high school students for university admission. Students will visit local universities, tour nearby cities, and explore Sewanee's 13,000 acres campus.

Summer Chinese Language Camp at Sewanee

A fifteen-day Chinese program designed to help students who have limited or no experience in Chinese attain novice to mid level language proficiency. 

Summer Spanish Language Camp at Sewanee

A fifteen-day immersive language and culture program designed for high-school students to develop further along their path to proficiency.

The Choral Institute

A weeklong experience bringing together students who love to sing and share a passion for learning and music.

Sewanee Environmental Institute

A pre-college field studies experience providing an interdisciplinary introduction to environmental studies while exploring Sewanee's ecologically diverse 13,000-acre campus.


A uniquely meaningful experience developing skills in public speaking and debate while engaging with topics such as religion and science, social ethics, and interfaith relations.

Sewanee Summer Music Festival

An internationally acclaimed festival combining a four-week program for advanced music students with a professional concert series.

Sewanee Young Writers' Conference

A two-week program for serious young writers working with small workshops devoted to poetry, fiction, playwriting, or creative nonfiction.

Sewanee to Wall Street (Postponed)

This program combines liberal arts coursework, trips to Wall Street firms, cultural attractions in New York City, and visits to leading liberal arts colleges.