INCOMING STUDENTSInternational Student Guide
  • How do I get to Sewanee? Review the details of nearby airports, shuttles to/from airports, and accommodations in and around Sewanee before your next visit.
  • Where will I live as a Sewanee student? 99% of students live on-campus in University housing during all four years that they study at Sewanee. The Office of Residential Life is your go-to for questions about living in Sewanee.
  • Can I choose my roommate as an incoming student? Before you arrive on campus, you will complete the Living form found on your Applicant Status page. The information that you put on this form will help the Office of Residential Life pair you with your roommate. You will be notified about your roommate and your housing assignment in early August.

  • How can I receive mail at Sewanee? The Sewanee Post Office (SPO) is responsible for handling every Sewanee student’s mail and packages. You will have your own mailbox and your address will be: Your Name | 735 University Ave. | Sewanee, TN 37383
  • What should I wear to class? Sewanee students usually dress nicely for class. This does not mean, however, that you will be required to dress a certain way. Typically, students do not show up to class in sweatpants, leggings or other very casual clothing, but it is common for students to wear casual and athletic clothes for activities outside of class.
  • How much does it cost to do laundry in the residence halls? Every residence hall on campus has laundry facilities for you to use at no additional cost. All laundry rooms are equipped with washers and dryers and are accessible anytime of the day or night. Laundry detergent, fabric softener, and dryer sheets are not provided. Remember that you are responsible for doing your own laundry and for taking care of your personal items. 
  • How does Sewanee’s meal plan work? Meals at McClurg Dining Hall are included for every student and all students have an unlimited meal plan. McClurg is organized like an all-you-can-eat buffet—just grab a tray and a plate and start eating! You must have your Student ID to enter McClurg (you will be given your ID during orientation). McClurg is open every day of the week from 7 am - 8 pm when classes are in session during the academic year. It is open for limited hours when classes are not in session. If you have a food allergy or aversion, please contact the Dining Hall to accommodate your needs. Check out a list of other on-campus and local dining options. 
  • Can I bring my car to campus? All students are allowed to bring a car to campus. Cars will need to be registered with the Sewanee Police. This registration process will be present on your Enrollment Checklist in early August.
  • Does Sewanee provide transportation for students without a car on-campus? In addition to a weekly shuttle from Sewanee’s campus to neighboring towns, you will have access to Sewanee’s ZipCar service, a short-term car rental service that you can use as often as you like for a small fee (provided that you have a valid drivers license). 
  • Where do I go if I get sick? If you develop an illness, need access to medication, or need to talk to someone about your mental health, call the University Wellness Center or request an appointment online. The Wellness Center is centrally located on campus in the University Wellness Commons. If you need to fill or refill prescription medication or purchase over-the-counter medication, the closest pharmacy to campus is the CVS Pharmacy in Monteagle, TN.  
  • What is the Honor Code? The Honor Code is one of Sewanee’s most honored and cherished traditions. In order to become a full student of the University of the South, you must sign the Honor Code, a document written over 100 years ago by Sewanee students that prohibits lying, cheating, or stealing inside or outside the classroom.
  • What is an academic advisor? An academic advisor is someone who works with you to help create your best plan for studying here. Academic advisors help you choose which classes to register for and make sure that you are on-track to receive your degree on-time. Incoming students will be assigned an academic advisor, and you will have the option to change your academic advisor after your declar your major(this can happen any time during your first two years at Sewanee).
  • When do I choose my classes and my major at Sewanee? As an incoming student, your first-semester classes will be chosen for you based on how you fill out the Course Request form found on your Enrollment Checklist. When requesting classes, choose subjects and topics that seem interesting to you! Even if you are certain that you want to major in a specific subject, you will have to take classes in other disciplines to full your degree requirements, so have fun when you choose your classes and know that all Sewanee classes and professors are excellent choices. As a Sewanee student, you will not have to declare your major until the second semester of your sophomore year (that is, after you have taken twelve classes at Sewanee). So, you have plenty of time to reflect over your strengths, academic goals, and passions before declaring your major. 
  • What if I need help in a class? If you are struggling in a class, your first step should always be to reach out to your professor. This may mean asking questions during class or speaking with your professor during their office hours. Additionally, many departments have tutoring services available and your professor can instruct you how to access these services. Be sure to check out Sewanee’s Academic Support webpage for more information and specific answers to questions about learning support at Sewanee. 
  • Is Sewanee called Sewanee or the University of the South? The University of the South is the official name of this school, but it is commonly called Sewanee by professors, community members, students, and alumni. We are not called Sewanee University or Sewanee College. Check out our Marketing & Communications writing guide if you have more questions about how to refer to the University. 
  • How “southern” is Sewanee? Sewanee enrolls students from 48 U.S. States and over 30 different countries. While Sewanee does have Southern roots and influence, it remains a place where everyone is welcome, no matter their background. 
  • There’s a huge chapel on campus. Am I expected to go to church or be Christian at Sewanee? Attending religious services at All Saints' Chapel is completely optional. But, All Saints' Chapel is where you will sign the Honor Code, be inducted into the Order of the Gown, and receive your diploma during graduation. 
  • Is Greek life at Sewanee exclusive? Greek life is active on campus, but many organizations function more like social clubs rather than hyper-exclusive organizations. Events hosted by Greek organizations are open to all Sewanee students. Sewanee also takes reports of hazing very seriously and does not tolerate abuse by anyone in any organization towards another.
  • How do I get involved in clubs on campus? What if I want to start my own? Students are encouraged to visit the Activities Fair at the start of each new academic year. Dig into our Campus Life website on our clubs, organizations, athletic teams, spiritual life, and so much more!
  • What's there to do on the weekends? Don’t let Sewanee's size or location fool you! There is more to do on campus than you might think. Because of Sewanee's small size and close-knit community, your best friends will only live a few minutes away. There is always something happening during the weekends on-campus. It's not uncommon for students to attend parties held at Greek houses, go on a hike, bike, or swim with the Sewanee Outing Program (SOP), attend an open-mic night at Stirling's Coffee House, or go support a friend as they preform in a Sewanee Symphony Orchestra concert or in a play at the Tennessee Williams Center.  You are encouraged to check your email often and log into your  Sewanee Engage portal regularly for information about what’s happening on campus and in the Sewanee community. Also, cities like Chattanooga, Murfreesboro, and Huntsville are only one hour’s drive away, so if you need to get off the mountain for a while, you don’t have far to travel!