We have some of the oldest chapters in the nation. What makes Greek life at Sewanee a bit different from other campuses is that most sorority-and-fraternity sponsored events are open to the entire campus. It's one of the most welcoming Greek life practices around.

Mission Statement 

The fraternity/sorority community at Sewanee strives to promote the growth and fulfillment of both Greeks and non-Greeks through an emphasis on academic achievement, service and philanthropy, leadership, and social development. The thriving Greek Life community at Sewanee prides itself on the non-exclusive, ‘open’ design of fraternities and sororities on campus. Accordingly, the University of the South aims to set an unprecedented example of the ideal contemporary Greek community, in which profound experiences and lifelong relationships are fostered.


Check out all the resources on the social host policy, registering a social event, the grade reports and so much more.

Alumni Greek Council (AGC)

The Alumni Greek Council is comprised of an undergraduate (usually the president) and alumni member from each Sewanee Greek Organization.


Donald Abels

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