Learn more about the 10 sororities and 12 fraternities at Sewanee.

Intersorority Council | ISC Constitution & bylaws 

Meredith Yoxall, President
Olivia Baker, Vice President for Recruitment
Caroline Graham, Vice President for Community Service
Sallie Chambers, Vice President for Public Relations

Interfraternity Council | IFC Constitution & Bylaws 

Garrett Liebe, President
Ryan Dix, Vice President for Recruitment
Sully McCreery, Vice President for Community Service
Will North, Vice President for Public Relations


Alpha Delta Pi (ΑΔΠ)

The Iota Delta Chapter of Alpha Delta Pi was installed at the University of the South in April 2017. Our members came home to Alpha Delta Pi at Sewanee because they were looking for a place that provided them with fun, support, leadership opportunities, and an organization that made them a part of something bigger than themselves.

Alpha Delta Theta (AΔΘ)

Founded in the spring of 1979, Alpha Delta Theta (“ADT”) is one of the most diverse and active organizations at the University of the South. Founded on the basis of service to both the University and the community, the sorority strives to realize these goals as extensively as possible while encouraging each sister to excel academically, spiritually, and socially in her four years at Sewanee.

Alpha Tau Zeta (ATZ)

Alpha Tau Zeta was founded in 1987 by a small group of women who felt like there was not yet a Greek organization on campus that suited their quirkiness, brilliance, and enthusiasm. We are committed to remaining a small organization (under 25 members) in order to encourage strong bonds and utmost loyalty between sisters.

Gamma Tau Upsilon (ΓΤΥ)

Gamma Tau Upsilon, the second sorority established at The University of the South, was founded by five women in the spring of 1978. The “founding mothers” wanted to create an open-minded and accepting social organization that treasured the individuality and potential of each of its members.

Kappa Delta (ΚΔ)

Founded in 2003, the Eta Epsilon Chapter of Kappa Delta is one of two national sororities represented at Sewanee. Our members play an active role on campus by engaging in activities including Residential Life, Varsity Athletics, the Arcadian Program, Inter Sorority Council, Up Till Dawn (St. Jude), Student Outing Program, Orchestra, Choir, Bonner, APO and more.

Kappa Omega (KΩ)

The purpose of Kappa Omega sorority is to strengthen the achievements and experiences of its members while at the University of the South by creating an environment that supports the academic efforts and personal interests of all members; by encouraging the cultivation of meaningful and lasting relationships with fellow students; and by enhancing the community at-large through interaction, contribution, and commitment.

Phi Kappa Epsilon (ΦKE)

Phi Kappa Epsilon was founded in 1980 and is one of the oldest sororities on campus. PKE focuses their philanthropy efforts by working with Blue Monarch.

Phi Sigma Theta (ΦΣΘ)

In the fall of 1999, eight females started Phi Sigma Theta to promote diversity on Sewanee's campus as well as serve the community and stand as role models to other young girls. We strive to uphold the standard of being a lady and a member of this great community inside and outside of campus.

Theta Kappa Phi (ΘΚΦ)

Theta Kappa Phi is distinguished as the first sorority at Sewanee: The University of the South. As the "Sisterhood of the Mountain", our membership for the 2014-2015 school year stood at 150 members. Our involvement with our philanthropy partner, Sewanee's Community Action Committee, has spanned the past 15 years.

Theta Pi (ΘΠ)

Theta Pi is a local sorority founded by five women in 1979. The five founding members created Theta Pi as an alternate to the fraternity-dominated social life of the time.


Alpha Psi Lambda (ΑΨΛ)

We are a Co-Educational Fraternity geared towards the goals of Latino students on university campuses. As the fastest growing minority in this country, it is becoming more and more important that the Latino community continue their education.

Alpha Tau Omega (ATΩ)

Alpha Tau Omega was founded by Otis Allan Glazebrook, Erskine Mayo Ross and Alfred Marshall, at the Virginia Military Institute in 1865. ATO is a member of the Lexington Triad, alongside the Kappa Alpha Order and Sigma Nu.

Chi Psi (ΧΨ)

Chi Psi fraternity at the University of the South was founded in 1964. In 1965, our fraternity house, or Lodge, as it is referred to on campus, was constructed on what is now the shore of Lake Finney, across from the Trezevant Residence Hall on Georgia Avenue.

Delta Kappa Epsilon (ΔKE)

The cultivation of general literature and social culture, the advancement and encouragement of intellectual excellence, the promotion of honorable friendship and useful citizenship, the development of a spirit of tolerance and respect for the rights and views of others, the maintenance of gentlemanly dignity, self-respect, and morality in all circumstances, and the union of stout hearts and kindred interests to secure, to merit its due reward.

Delta Tau Delta (ΔTΔ)

Delta Tau Delta is a national fraternity established in 1858 at Bethany College. The Beta Theta chapter was formally established in 1883, one of the first fraternities on the mountain.

Gamma Sigma Phi (ΓΣΦ)

Gamma Sigma Phi was founded at the University of the South by ten African-American students who sought to make a cultural impact on campus Greek life by "filling a gap." Their founding charter and creed guides all Gamma men in pursuit of enriching, diversified experiences on the Mountain and beyond.

Kappa Alpha Order (KA)

Kappa Alpha Order was originally founded as Phi Kappa Chi on December 21, 1865, at Washington and Lee University in Lexington, Virginia. James Ward Wood, William Archibald Walsh, and brothers William Nelson Scott and Stanhope McClelland Scott are the founders of the fraternity.

Lambda Chi Alpha (ΛΧΑ)

Lambda Chi Alpha serves as a co-curricular experience to complement higher education by providing young men with opportunities for academic achievement, leadership development, and lifelong friendships.

Phi Gamma Delta (ΦΓΔ)

Phi Gamma Delta (Fiji) was founded on May 1st, 1848 at Jefferson College in Pennsylvania. In the 170 years of Fiji's existence, we have initiated more than 180,000 brothers across 158 active chapters.

Phi Society of 1883 (Φ)

The Phi Society was originally founded in 1883 as part of the national fraternity Phi Delta Theta. In 2005 the chapter broke away from the national fraternity and was re-founded as the Phi Society of 1883.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon (ΣAE)

The Sigma Alpha Epsilon chapter at the University of the South is one of the oldest chapters in the country, founded in 1881. The Tennessee Omega house was the first SAE Fraternity house ever built in 1886.

Sigma Nu (ΣN)

The Sigma Nu fraternity has 279 (active and inactive) chapters and colonies throughout the United States and Canada and has initiated over 227,000 members.