Sewanee welcomes home-schooled students to apply for admission.

Homeschool Checklist

As a home-schooled student, your high school education is unique to you. A student who has been home-schooled will be subject to the same review as a student applying from a traditional high school with a few additional steps to help us better understand your particular educational experience.

  • Completed Common Application.
  • Academic transcript that includes detailed list of courses. Classes taken during the senior year at a local two or four-year college or university are highly valued and transcripts should be included with the application.
  • Test scores—homeschool students must submit standardized (ACT/SAT) test scores. 
  • School record and counselor recommendation to be completed by the individual who has coordinated your educational experience and can provide information about the curriculum you used. 
  • Teacher evaluations should be submitted by external educators (e.g. professor, tutor, etc.) rather than internal educators (e.g. immediate family members, etc.).
  • Interview—this is a phone interview to be conducted before your application can be reviewed. This evaluative interview helps us to get to know you better as both a student and a community member, as well as learn more about your academic preparation and experiences outside of your educational experience. Scheduling instructions will be made available after your application has been submitted. 
  • Student demonstrated interest—Sewanee is a close community, and one that benefits from students who are 'all-in'. Because of this, a review of your engagement with our office through campus visits, college fairs, off-campus appointments, phone calls, etc. is part of our application review process.


Lisa Burns
Associate Dean of Admission

Fulford Hall