Statement on the Use of AI in Applications for Admission

At Sewanee, you’ll be writing in nearly all of your classes: It’s emphasized across our curriculum. That’s because writing is not only one of the best ways to express yourself, it’s also the primary way your talent, your work, and your learning will be evaluated by colleagues, employers, and members of your community.  

While you’re not a Sewanee student just yet, we know you have something interesting to say. The college essay is your chance to share, in your own words, the issues you care most deeply about or a story so essential to who you are as an individual that we couldn’t possibly know you without it. 

We also know it's tough to get it right on the first try, and we encourage you to use the tools at your disposal to hone your skills and see things from a new perspective. While you’ll have access to writing tutors at Sewanee, we know not all of our applicants have access to these resources at home or at school. You may choose to use ChatGPT and other AI-based language processing platforms to help you refine, polish, and discover new directions for your college essay or other areas of your application that require writing, such as your list of extracurriculars. When sharing your essay with a friend, family member, teacher or mentor, you can also determine how well your essay works as a whole and how well the pieces flow together.

Your essay, however, should be your own. Copying or imitating the language and thoughts of others without proper credit constitutes plagiarism. Plagiarism is not tolerated under Sewanee’s Honor Code and is considered a serious offense. Use the tools at your disposal when completing your application, but make sure that it is a reflection of your own hard work. 

We look forward to getting to know you through your application and through the many opportunities we have available to connect with you during the admission process.