Sewanee considers several standardized tests to evaluate English language proficiency and we reserve the right to require additional exams.

Sewanee requires an English Proficiency Exam from all international applicants and applicants educated outside of the United States. We do not superscore any english proficiency exam nor do we accept any scores older than 2 years from the time you apply. Applicants can request a waiver or submit one of the exams we accept below.

Recommended minimum scores
How do I submit my score?

English Proficiency exam results must be submitted to our office in one of the following ways. We do not accept scores directly from the applicant.

  • Pay to have your scores sent through the testing agency electronically. We no longer accept paper copies.
  • Request that your high school email us a copy of the complete PDF of each of your TOEFL or IELTS score report. We do not "superscore" any of these exams. 
  • Duolingo scores must be sent through your Duolingo account and will upload to your applicant status page 7-10 business days from when you submitted them. If you submitted these scores using a different email that the one you use with Sewanee, please email us so that we can match up your records.

Roughly 7-10 business days after an applicant submits their Common Application to Sewanee, they will receive their Applicant Status Page login credentials. Applicants can then use this form to request an english proficiency waiver. Once logged in, applicants will be prompted to review our waiver requirements and upload unofficial copies of scores or transcripts. If a student is approved, the requirement will then be waived from their applicant checklist on their Applicant Status Page. We do not provide waivers until the applicant submits the above form. 


Sewanee does not accept "MyBest" score from TOEFL nor any english proficiency exam. For each TOEFL you wish to submit, we will require the full score report. Sewanee does not accept the TOEFL iTP Plus for China but we will accept the iBT Special Home Edition. Sewanee does not accept the IELTS indicator.