Sewanee considers several standardized tests to evaluate English language proficiency and we reserve the right to require additional exams.

English Proficiency Exam Requirements

Shortly after an applicant applies to Sewanee, they will receive their Applicant Status Page login credentials. For any international student or student educated outside of the United States, we will automatically require an English Proficiency Exam result. Applicants can request an English Proficiency waiver through their Applicant Status Page. Waivers are only granted through that form, not by email. Our recommended minimum scores are:

How do I submit my score?

We recommend that you submit through the testing agency. If this is not feasible, your high school can email us the full PDF score report. The email must include the full PDF score report for each exam you would like submitted. We do not superscore any English Proficiency Exam.  Score reports cannot be older than 2 years from the time you apply.