Students are responsible for reading, becoming familiar with, and adhering to all University policies. 

The Office of Community Standards is responsible for overseeing the Code of Conduct and the EQB: Guide for Living in Community. In addition, Community Standards works with departments across campus to help students understand, follow, and be held accountable to additional University policies. The policies listed below are those most frequently relevant to students.


Honor Code

The Honor System has been an important institution at the University for over 100 years. The Honor Code is administered by the Honor Council, elected each year to represent their class.

Residential Life Policies

The Office of Residential Life publishes their policies annually, which include the expectations for students living in on-campus housing and the resolution process for violations of these policies.

Good Samaritan Policy

The health and safety of the campus community is a paramount concern for the University. The Good Samaritan Policy provides amnesty to students for violations of alcohol or other drug policies in order to decrease barriers for seeking help in an emergency.

Title IX Policies

Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 (20 U.S.C. § 1681) and the Department of Education’s regulations prohibit discrimination on the basis of sex in federally assisted education programs and activities, including at the University of the South.

Weapons Policy

The University prohibits weapons of any kind on University property, including all buildings and grounds, except for weapons stored for students and those weapons carried by an officer of the Sewanee Police Department while on duty.

Undergraduate Student Social Host Policy

The Undergraduate Student Social Host Policy describes the expectations and procedures associated with individual students and Recognized Student Organizations hosting events on campus.

Student Organization Handbook

The Office of Student Involvement publishes the Student Organization Handbook detailing the expectations, resources, and procedures for Recognized Student Organizations.

All University Policies

A full listing of University policies can be found on the Provost's website by logging in with your University credentials.