The Community Commitments provide an outline of what Sewanee students can expect of their community experience with a focus on the implications of living honorably.

Expectations & Policies

The University's policies are derived from its general philosophy of student life. Sewanee students are regarded as people who are morally and legally responsible for their own conduct within the norms and values of our community.

Conduct Process at Sewanee

The adjudication of student policy violations aims to be educational and to assist students in moral and ethical development.

Sanction Submission

If you have a sanction that you wish to submit for completion, please use the online form.  You will need to log in and will need your case number to complete the submission here.

File Request & Background Check

If you are a current or prior student and wish to have a copy of your conduct file or need to have a background check completed, please complete this online form completely.