Student Organizations Defined

The purpose of student organizations at Sewanee is to provide opportunities to engage, to learn, and to lead, allowing students to pursue their passions and interests with other students while developing leadership and organizational skills.

So I Want to Start an Organization

Students have the opportunity to submit applications at any time throughout the academic year. Provided these organizations meet and maintain the University’s requirements for recognition, the University is willing to provide them with certain benefits and privileges.

Let's Talk Money!

At the beginning of each fiscal year, officers should plan the potential activities of the year and create a budget for each of these activities. This budget will provide a general basis to determine how all funds of the organization will be used in the coming year.

How Do I Plan an Event?

Student organizations are required to set dates for events on campus. Student leaders are encouraged to use the Engage calendar to identify acceptable dates. The Office of Student Involvement is always ready and available to help schedule events to ensure that the event does not interfere with key University events. 

Relevant University Policies

As student organizations, leaders must follow all guidelines and policies in place for undergraduate students. You should familiarize yourself with the documents that have been linked below to ensure that your organization will stay in compliance with all University rules and regulations. These documents are frequently applied to student organization activities. By following these policies, your organization will be able to thrive.

Student Organization Handbook - PDF Version

Looking for a full PDF Version? You can download a copy below!