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  • If you are a non-student faculty or staff employee who wishes to conduct an internal background check (Title IX, EEO, Conduct, Honor Council records) on a current student, please do the following:
    • Submit the names and Banner IDs to the Title IX Office at least seven (7) calendar days in advance of the date that you desire the records. If you only require one office (such as Honor Council or the Dean of Students Office/Conduct), then submit the same information to that specific office. Otherwise, you may start with the Title IX Office (see contacts for offices in the list below). 
      • Please provide three columns within a google spreadsheet that contain the first name, last name, and the Banner IDs of the students you wish to review. Make Dr. Sylvia Gray ( the owner of the google spreadsheet.  
    • Submit the language or application (whatever you typically use) that allows the student to provide their consent for their records to be released (i.e. policy language,  website language, consent form, application, etc.). 
      • Example Language: You acknowledge that all students must be in good standing with all University Policies such as the Title IX Policy, EQB Code of Conduct, Honor Council and the Non-Discrimination Policy. Please be aware that to comply with the University's Protection of Minors Policy, a review of your student conduct records will be conducted prior to your acceptance and participation in a program involving minors. To participate in programs not involving minors, conduct records may be regularly reviewed to ensure that student participants have maintained good standing prior to representing the University in a leadership position. 
  • Once those items are received, the internal student background check can be completed. You will receive a document with the appropriate standing. The standings will only be reported as "Good Standing" or "Not In Good Standing." 
  • You will have access to the spreadsheet for seven (7) calendar days to review the internal background check outcomes. Access to the document will be revoked after seven (7) calendar days to ensure that student records are kept confidential and/or private where applicable. 
  • Should you need an extension to review the records, please make a request to the Title IX Office with your reasoning. You may also reach out directly to the specific office of your inquiry:
    • For DOS/Conduct, please email or copy emily britt: (emily's preferred name is spelled with lowercase letters).
    • For Title IX or Equity & Equal Opportunity, please email or copy Dr. Sylvia Gray:
    • For Honor Council, please email or copy Dean Alex Bruce:

Please consult with the Dean of the College or Human Resources regarding any questions about employee records. Use the links below for more information: