The purpose of the Title IX Office is to foster an environment free from sex discrimination, increase awareness around the benefits of sexual integrity as a value, and to educate the campus community regarding safe and healthy relationships/interactions.

OVERVIEW | The Title IX Office strives to achieve its purpose

by Educating the campus community on the standards of Title IX via regular training and prevention efforts, increasing trust in reporting and responding to prohibited behaviors, and providing equity in all processes and procedures of sex discrimination. 

MISSION | The Daily Objective of the Title IX Office is:

To take educate and train the campus community toward  the value of sexual integrity.   

To Take prompt and effective action to limit, prevent, and/or end sex discrimination, sexual violence, or any other prohibited form of sexual misconduct in sewanee's education programs or activities – and to prevent its recurrence and remedy its effects.

to ensure equity in all processes and procedures under title ix and related university policies

VISION | The long-term vision of the Title IX Office is: