Sewanee is a multi-faceted and endlessly fascinating place, and our faculty and staff generate vibrant ideas for serving our students. In that context, and knowing that new ideas will always arise, we focus on raising funds that align with four main themes:

Meeting Immediate Needs

The past support of Sewanee friends has made the University resilient, but make no mistake, your gifts will be critical to help meet today's challenges. Sewanee will do more than survive. We will thrive with the partnership of many friends who recognize our immediate need and support this extraordinary place. A new overarching priority is addressing diversity, equity, and inclusion at Sewanee, which encompasses priorities of financial aid, faculty teaching, and preparing students for success.

Donor Example

Brittany Macon keeps Sewanee alive in her heart, and that leads her to continue supporting Sewanee as a young professional. LINK


Affording the Sewanee Experience

Across the country, the cost of attaining higher education is increasing much faster than general inflation. With an average aid award of $25,000, the cost of that commitment is staggering. But we think the talented students who can thrive here should come here—and we hope you agree. You can help make that happen with a gift to financial aid, a generous Cornerstone Scholarship, or an endowed scholarship.

Donor Examples

"Naylor Bequest Adds Scholarship Endowment" - 2/6/2020 - A beloved faculty member makes provisions for Sewanee students in his will. CLICK HERE.


A video presentation on the Adams Scholarship. CLICK HERE.

Sustaining a Resilient Faculty

In March 2020, when Sewanee suspended in-person classes because of COVID-19, a dedicated and committed Sewanee faculty sprang into action to adapt their deeply relational, personalized, and engaged teaching into a form that could be delivered remotely. The result was not perfect, but it was really good. (Watch a video by clicking here to see some strategies.) That experience showed everyone at Sewanee just how central a great faculty—a nimble and resilient faculty—is to the success of the institution. Gifts toward faculty excellence can create research and teaching accounts, support programs such as the Center for Teaching, and undergird faculty salaries and faculty development. 

Donor Example

Recently, Edwin Alderson, C'62, established an endowed chair with a gift to the University. He especially wanted to honor his cherished friendship with classmate Richard Tillinghast. Learn more by CLICKING HERE

Preparing Students for Launch

At Sewanee, students gain superb preparation to, in the words of the University purpose, search for truth, seek justice, preserve liberty under law, and serve God and humanity.” A Sewanee education builds broad knowledge, analytical ability, and communication skills, and provides opportunities to practice engaging with others across differences—all of which helps graduates succeed in many endeavors. Thus, we hope to also provide resources that help students put their education in a vocational context that propels them to success after Sewanee. Such vocational orientation requires the resources of internships and research assistantships, integrated advising, and pre-professional orientation and preparation. Your gifts can help provide those critical assets.

Donor Examples

"Giving Back to Tonya" - 12/12/2019 - Cissy Zhang, C’11 Supports Internships. LINK


"Scovil's Internship Endowment Gives Sewanee Students Business Opportunities" - 11/14/2019  LINK


"Couple's Cornerstone Inspired by Empathy and Desire to Be a Positive Force" - 10/14/2019 - Bess Caughren Allen and Lee Allen (both C’05) give a student a career push with Cornerstone Internship. LINK